A Dental Arts Group Employee Spotlight: Desiree Dech

A Dental Arts Group Employee Spotlight: Desiree Dech

Dental Arts Group boasts one of the most experienced teams in dentistry around the Region, with multiple team members carrying decades of experience into the field. They added another valuable member to that team in September when they welcomed Desiree Dech, L.D.H. to their office.

Dech is a veteran dental hygienist. She first got her start almost three decades ago when she graduated from Indiana University Northwest.

“I’m an oldie but a goodie,” she joked. “I’ve worked in several offices across the country including an office down in Kentucky. Then I made a huge circle in life and moved to Kansas and had several great experiences working there in cosmetic offices before I made my way back home. Once a Brickie, always a Brickie!”

She grew up in Hobart, where dentistry was an interest of hers from a very early age.

“My mom told me I was born to do dentistry,” she said. “She always told me this story about how I bugged a lady sitting behind us in a restaurant who had a gold front tooth. I was about three or four and had never seen anything like it and kept turning around and asked her ‘Can you smile please, so I can see that pretty gold tooth?’ That lady basically fell in love with me and bought me a candy bar afterward.”

Later on, she found out that she needed braces. Rather than dreading her trips to the orthodontist like many kids might – she embraced it.

“I fell in love with dentistry even more,” Dech said. “I was so curious about how you could change someone’s smile and correct crooked teeth by putting braces on. That’s when my passion for it really flourished, and I knew right when I started high school that I wanted to get into field.”

After nearly 30 years in the field, Dech still loves her work just as much as the day she started.

“When someone turns around at the end of their cleaning and says that’s the best cleaning they’ve ever had, it’s a really special moment,” she said. “For me it’s like, wow, thank you for giving me your time today.”

Getting to make an impact on people’s lives every day by helping them keep their smiles as bright is Dech’s personal mission.

“I always say that smiles are free,” she said. “They’re the one thing in life that we have to give. These days, we even need to pay to put air in our tires. But our smiles are something we can give for free to help lift someone when they’re down. I feel extremely honored to be in a profession where we can restore someone’s smile and give them a boost of confidence.”

It’s a mission she’s excited to be continuing at Dental Arts Group.

“When I walked through the doors on my first day, it immediately felt like home,” she said. “There’s no negativity in this office. It’s a pure joy to come and work here every day.”

To learn more about Dental Arts Group and the rest of their team, visit www.dentalartsgroup.com.