A Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. Employee Spotlight: Tim Williams

A Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. Employee Spotlight: Tim Williams

Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. Physician Assistant Tim Williams can trace his passion for working in the sports medicine field to his own childhood. Growing up playing sports from the time he was four years old through his college career, Williams saw a number of sports medicine doctors in his youth.

“Over that tenure, I had a lot of ailments and always had a reputation with the orthopedic doctors in my hometown of Bourbonnais, Illinois,” Williams said. “Just getting to know them really pushed me to go into the medical field.”

At first, Williams thought he would go into physical therapy. As he progressed in his studies and learned more about the anatomy and physiology of the body, he discovered that he wanted to work on the side of treating patients, rather than focus on their physical therapy.

“So, I switched gears and started Physician Assistants school at St. Francis in Fort Wayne,” Williams said. “I knew when I started PA school, I would be focusing more on the orthopedic and sports medicine side because of my past experience with it.”

This led to Williams doing his clinical year at Great Lakes, where he worked and learned under Dr. Kieth Pitchford. A year later, he was offered a full-time position, moved back to the area, and started his Great Lakes career where he has been ever since.

“Dr. Pitchford and I really bonded when I was a rotating student,” Williams said.

As a physician assistant, Williams assists Dr. Pitchford on every surgery, sees both new and returning patients in the clinic, does post-operative care for patients, and performs ultrasound-guided injections in the office.

For Williams, the end result is what makes the job worth it.

“Seeing patients really get good results and when they get out of their pain, stiffness, and what ails them is really rewarding,” Williams said. “We get to help patients return to their normal, everyday lives that they had before their issues began.”

Great Lakes focus on forming lasting relationships with patients has stood out to Williams, who enjoys working with both his new patients and his returning patients when a new problem occurs.

“We really try to treat each patient as family,” Williams said. “We want the best outcomes for them; we want them to succeed and get out of their pain as we would want for our family members. We try to give them everything we would give our own family.”

In his spare time, Williams can be found spending time with his wife and two children under the age of two. They keep him busy, but quality family time is priceless.

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