A Knoblock Realty Group Employee Spotlight: Susie Wimberley

A Knoblock Realty Group Employee Spotlight: Susie Wimberley
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: March 5, 2020

Susie Wimberley of Knoblock Realty Group is considered a jack of all trades within the field and her team’s office. As a real estate broker, stager, and team administrator, Wimberley works hard to assist in any way she can.

Growing up, Wimberley’s family was always buying and selling houses and living in many different homes. Though this might be a sensitive memory for some, Wimberley took away with it an idea for her career path.

“I remember we had a fantastic real estate agent. He would take my parents all over the place to find their new home, and this process really sparked my interest,” Wimberley said.

And so, Wimberley decided to dive into real estate, where she stayed for many years. She took a short hiatus and worked in insurance, but in the end, came back to her true calling.

“I discovered that I really had a passion for real estate and the act of finding clients their perfect home,” Wimberley said.

Wimberley met Darlene Knoblock, owner of Knoblock Realty Group, many years ago when they both participated in Mothers & More, a program for stay-at-home moms to build friendships in their community. In fact, Wimberley was an influential voice in Knoblock’s decision to get into real estate. Their paths later crossed when Knoblock formed her current real estate group.

Wimberley starts her day at Knoblock Realty Group by sifting through the market –checking new listings, seeing what has sold, and more. She also spends time on social media connecting with past clients, making relationships with new ones, and following up with current clients over the phone. And from there, well, her day is unpredictable.

“My days expand to fit in with whatever is happening at the moment. This is typical in the real estate field –you could have a plan, but that plan could change with one phone call,” Wimberley said.

Wimberley enjoys the unpredictable nature of the field, saying it keeps things compelling and keeps her on her toes. Her favorite aspect of real estate, though, is staging homes and talking with clients.

“I like interacting with people –on the phone, in meetings, over coffee –this is all part of our job, but for me, it is the most enjoyable aspect,” she said. “These relationships are very important to me and I like to stay engaged with them.”

The bonds Wimberley forms with clients make a true impression on her, one she carries with her many years after closing on a home.

“One of my favorite past clients was a U.S. veteran with a small budget. The budget doesn’t matter to me, I will find a way to find my clients their dream home,” she said. “It was a lot of hard work, and we visited many different counties and homes, but in the end, we found it. Seeing the look on her face when we found ‘the one’, made everything worth it.”

In her free time, Wimberley enjoys spending time with her husband and two adult children. They enjoy taking camping trips, going fishing, and traveling to new destinations. Wimberley also has another hobby that she holds close to her heart –scrapbooking.

“Ever since my kids were born, I’ve been keeping track of and documenting their special moments up until they graduated high school,” Wimberley said. “I also make separate scrapbooks for family vacations.”

Looking forward, Wimberley hopes to help Darlene and Knoblock Realty Group continue to grow as a business.

“Our tagline is We Move You Forward, and my job as team administrator is to support this goal,” she said. “Our team truly is such a great group of women, and we are all working together to reach a common goal – to move our clients forward.” For more information on Knoblock Realty Group, visit: https://www.knoblockrealtygroup.com.