A lasting partnership: Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service and AMA Design & Print

A lasting partnership: Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service and AMA Design & Print

Since 1996, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service has been providing customers with bulk mail solutions to help them achieve successful mailing campaigns at the best possible rates. For nearly all of those 24 years, AMA Design & Print has been one of the bulk mail company’s best partners. 

Owner and founder Donna Flanagin explained that this partnership is paramount to serving Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service’s clientele. After all, while Flanagin’s team handles all the mailing, tracking, listing, labeling, and management of customer bases, they need a commercial printer to produce bulk items.

“It is so imperative to partner with a good printer, one that does quality work, conscientious work,” Flanagin said. “And who knows what makes my job easier and vice versa.”

Kelley Schott, account executive at AMA Design & Print, said he appreciates the longevity and closeness of the company’s partnership with Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service for the same reasons.

“Our relationship has grown to the point where we know each other so well. We work well together. She [Flanagin] knows the ins and outs of printing and mailing, so it just makes it easier,” he said. 

Though the work the companies do naturally complements each other, their working relationship is made stronger by their similar company values.

“Both of us are customer-first,” Schott said. “We work hard to get products out to our customers at the most affordable options and with the least amount of stress on the customer. They’re our top priority.”

Flanagin agreed.

“Great customer service, competitive pricing, quality work, professionalism,” she said. “These are values we share.”

Those values make Flanagin and Schott passionate about helping other people through their businesses. 

“You just don’t get the TLC and quality control on the internet that you get with a local printer or mail service provider,” Flanagin said. “We have the knowledge to save you money by design suggestions and size suggestions that you just won’t find on the internet.”

One particular instance where this knowledgeable professionalism and teamwork served as a source of pride for Flanagin involved a high-profile order.

“We worked together on a very intricate large government mailing that took extra caution on both our parts to get it right,” she said. “We had it down to a science when the time came to print and mail. I was proud of how well we worked together on this project.”

“We do so much work together, it’s hard to just pinpoint one particular memory that stands out for me,” Schott said. “But there have been many times she’s come through for us in a pinch, and we’ve done the same for her.”

Of course, Flanagin is also known for her particular brand of generosity, one of which Schott and the AMA Design & Print team have been happy recipients.

“She’s brought us many things,” he said with a laugh. “She’s given us cakes, baked us cookies, had Edible Arrangements delivered. She does a lot of stuff for her customers, not just us, but everybody.”

On Flanagin Bulk Mail Service’s 20th anniversary in business, Flanagin and her team brought a cake to the businesses that had been with them from the beginning. AMA Design & Print was one of them, and they’re sure to be on the list of honorees for anniversaries to come. 

For more info about Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, visit http://mybulkmail.com/. To learn more about AMA Design & Print, visit http://printama.com/index.html.