A Life Care Center of the Willows Spotlight: Dr. Richard Scuderi

A Life Care Center of the Willows Spotlight: Dr. Richard Scuderi
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: September 25, 2019

Patients who need short-term or long-term care in a skilled nursing facility want to know they are being cared for by compassionate healthcare professionals who are leaders in the field. Meet Richard Scuderi, M.D., Life Care Center of the Willows’ newest medical staff member, who’s determined to provide the highest quality healthcare to patients.  

“I am very excited about this new opportunity at the Willows,” Scuderi said. “I’m hoping to use some of my expertise to treat some of the patients more aggressively and further improve their health.”

Born and raised in the Region, Scuderi knew at a young age the career path he wanted to pursue. After graduating from Valparaiso High School, Scuderi attended Indiana University School of Medicine to fulfill his dream. Since then, Scuderi has been practicing medicine at La Porte Hospital and now, the Willows. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine with experience taking care of patients inside the hospital and on an outpatient or skilled nursing basis.

“I think I was in second grade when I knew I wanted to become a medical doctor,” Scuderi said. "When you first meet a patient who’s sick on day one, then see them walk out of the hospital when they’re better, it’s very rewarding.”

Being at the forefront of NWI’s healthcare comes with tremendous responsibility and the demand to stay innovative. Scuderi sees time outside of the office as a conduit for being a better physician and loves exploring our country’s national parks and forests. For Scuderi, it’s his time to reflect and renew his drive for innovation. 

“I think anytime you can push the reset button, it gives you renewed energy and time to think about things you can improve - those trips are pretty refreshing,” Scuderi said. “Without that, I think sometimes you think you’re stuck in some sort of monotony, and you feel like you need time to decompress and think about all these things to do your job better.”

Scuderi makes his way out to the western part of the country whenever he can to help further his continued passion for helping people. When he’s gearing up for a trip, he has one rule - pack light. 

“I tend to like more of the dry climates, like in Utah,” he added. “I pack as light as I possibly can - I’m a minimalist. Just water, a tent, and a sleeping bag. I love to just get out and go as far as I can.”

For more information on the Life Care Center of the Willows, visit http://lifecarecenterofthewillows.com/