“A Life In The Spotlight” Showcases Good People Every Week

collin-ltms-litsWhen I was still in high school, Brandon Vickrey and I had a neat idea to focus one article a week on a person who is making a difference in the community. With that, the Portage Life That Matters series was born.

After a few weeks, and successful articles, the series expanded to ValpoLife. Now, an article is published each week on all four Life sites. Though I am no longer part of writing these articles, I happily read them each and every week.

Now, the time has come to rebrand the series and I could not think of a better name than "A Life In The Spotlight" because the title tells you exactly what the series is about. The purpose of this series is to highlight a person in the community that exemplifies what the Life sites are all about, telling stories about good people who are making a difference in one way or another.

I am happy to see that since the Life In the Spotlight series, that started two years ago, has become a staple on the Life sites. I, like many others, look forward to reading these articles every week. It is hard to believe that close to 500 people have been featured over the years in the Life That Matters and Life in the Spotlight series.

I look forward to reading the articles each and every week because it shows that despite all of the negative press that we are exposed to on a regular basis, there is always good news to focus on. Portage, Valpo, LaPorte County and all of Northwest Indiana are filled with people who would be perfect to be in the Spotlight.

The beauty of The Region is that there are no limits to the amount of people to focus on. Whether it is a teacher in the classroom or a door greeter at WalMart, there will always be good people to shine a spotlight on.

If you have a suggestion about a person who should be in the Spotlight please send them to share@portagelife.com, share@valpolife.com, share@laportecountylife.com or share@nwindianalife.com.