A Lifer home improvement flooring experience

A Lifer home improvement flooring experience

I have so many friends who absolutely love the prospect of remodeling their homes. They love to change it up, redecorate, pick out colors and patterns, and furniture. I loathe it all. Don’t get me wrong. I know what I like when I see it, but I don’t have a knack for getting there and have zero interest in playing artsy home person. Yet, at the same time, when I needed to change the flooring in my home, I knew I didn’t have the budget for an expensive interior designer. The professionals at Tudor Floors & More Carpet One made this portion of my remodeling job easy. Here’s the breakdown, and how it all played out.

Picking the flooring

I had done a little research and knew I wanted vinyl floors, and I knew a general price point but had nowhere else to go from there. The minute I walked into Tudor Floors & More Carpet One, I was greeted with the friendly smile of Jenny Wong, Media and Marketing Assistant. She asked me some basic questions and then showed me the three areas of the store where I might browse to find the flooring that interests me. In a few minutes, Jan Tudor, the owner, greeted me and asked how we could get started.

“I like the beachy look.”

That’s all I really offered Tudor, and within minutes, she had three sample cards in my price point for me to take home and ponder. I walked out thinking, “Is it supposed to be this easy?”

Fixing an impossible fix

In addition to switching from carpet to vinyl on the first floor, I was also contending with some broken tiles in the master bathroom. For some odd reason, the people who installed the old shower I the bathroom (which I had recently replaced) had screwed the old shower right into the tile flooring. When the new one was installed, it was recessed and exposed some of the bolt holes. Over time, the weakened tile broke and came up. But the rest of the bathroom tile was just fine. I didn’t want to replace all of it. The caveat: nobody – not even the most obscure tile stores or the biggest ones on Amazon – makes 8x8 ceramic tile in that exact color and texture. In fact, 8x8 tile was almost impossible to find all together.

broken ceramic floor tile Tudor Floors & More Carpet One

I found myself at the Tudor showroom again to research a fix. Once again, Jan Tudor came through with a creative solution.

We ended up taking out the eight tiles that lined the front of the shower and replacing it with natural stone, which served as a decorative extension of the shower itself and nicely complimented the greenish/blue and gray tones of the subway tile. And it cost one-quarter of the price of an entire bathroom tile replacement.

stone tile bathroom tile Tudor Floors  & More Carpet One

Quality work

The professionals at Tudor finished the first floor vinyl job in one day, including tear up of the carpet and installation of the new floor. In fact, it was 7 hours total. The new floors met rave reviews from the few family and friends who have visited (albeit socially distanced) since then. They’re extremely easy to clean (a Swiffer-type mop with a little vinegar and water) every other week, and a dry Swiffer in between. The tile looks like it was purposefully and artfully chosen to part of the original shower design, and the grout is perfectly matched to the existing 22-year-old grout and tile on the rest of the floor.

men tearing out carpeting Tudor Floors & more Carpet One


men installing vinyl flooring Tudor Floors & more Carpet One

In all, Tudor Floors and More Carpet One took away the stress of this apathetic decorator and provided two key updates to my home that increased the value and brightened the spaces. The day after my tile was completed, I put my home on the market and had an offer within 72 hours. Quality work, indeed, from Tudor Floors and More Carpet one.