A Little Child Shall Lead Them

By: Contributor Last Updated: December 16, 2013

Advent-SheepWritten by Jane Scupham, Principal

You can learn so much from a child.

On Saturday, our 2nd grade students received the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. Their faces wore anxious expressions as they approached the confessional, but soon turned to ones beaming with joyful smiles when they emerged. Their demeanor made me stop and think about all of the preparation we put into commercial Christmas, but how little we put into preparing a worthy home within us for the Christ child.

Advent is a time of preparation. It can be a crazy, busy time with not enough hours in the day to accomplish all you feel needs to be done. The days can fly by as you scramble to amass the “just right” gifts for everyone in your household and to bake, clean, and decorate. The mad whirlwind of days leading up to Christmas can be overwhelming and you can easily end up losing sight of the “real” preparation that needs to be done.

We are called as Christians to prepare our hearts and souls for the coming of the Christ Child. We are called to examine our conscience and seek the healing that needs to take place within so that we are spiritually ready to welcome Christ on Christmas Day. As Catholics, part of this preparation is receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent. With our spiritual house in order, we are able to truly celebrate the meaning of Christmas.

Let us follow the lead, and experience the same joy of the 2nd grade students and seek out the sacrament of Reconciliation for our spiritual well-being this Advent.

Congratulations to our 1st Reconciliation students!

Isabella Beach, David Behnke, Angelina Borowiak, Carolyn Boxum, Jasmine Burkett, Brooke Byvoets, Joanna Calinski, Julian Castillo, Brady Cavanaugh, Rebecca Cavanaugh, Sophia Cavanaugh, Mary Cespedes, Justin Clark, John Clements, Sofia Cox, Grace Cutean, Hunter Dado, Charles Dauterman, Katrina Drenth, Andrew Ebersberger, Andres Guzman, Benjamin Hernandez, Ally Herren, Molly Herren, Alexander Hicks, Jorie Irving, Ava Jaime, Bradley Kaminski, Margaret Kuka, Connor Lux, Carter MacLennan, Rianne Murphy, Katelyn Nguyen, Genevieve Nowlin, Miles O’Shea, Austin Olsen, Evan Olson, Charles Orthman, Samantha Osborne, Anthony Pidrak, Ava Pruzin, Anne Schmaltz, Kyle VanMeter, Alexander Wassilak, Kathleen Woodburn.