A Midwest Express Clinic Spotlight: Amanda Turich

A Midwest Express Clinic Spotlight: Amanda Turich

As communities grow, so does the need for important support services, like urgent and primary medical care, to name a couple. Amanda Turich, a nurse practitioner with Midwest Express Clinic, is the person you want to help lead that charge. Her patient-first approach is helping community members in growing areas of Northwest Indiana access the fast, affordable medical care they need.

“Knowing that I am helping people feel their best is what I cherish most about my job,” Turich said. “I went into healthcare because I truly wanted to help people. This job allows me to help patients when they are sick and promote wellness during primary care visits. Nothing makes me happier than when I know I made a difference in a patient's life.”

When it comes to meeting the needs of the communities they serve, Midwest Express Clinic providers strive to be the number one choice among urgent cares. By taking a patient-first approach, they give people peace of mind in saving time and money while still receiving high-quality, personalized medical care.

Patients can find Turich at Midwest Express Clinic’s Munster office, located at 8135 Calumet Ave. Turich received her master of science as a family nurse practitioner in 2018 and has been with Midwest Express Clinic for seven months.   

“This has been a great opportunity for me as a new nurse practitioner,” she said. “I have gained valuable experience and knowledge during this time, and cannot wait to further expand my knowledge base.”

Nurse practitioners are medical providers who have advanced practice training, allowing them to examine and treat patients and prescribe medicine.  

As Midwest Express Clinic continues to assess the need for care in the community, they’ve identified a new area of growth. Turich will be leading the charge at Midwest Express Clinic’s brand new Merrillville location, opening this month.

“Merrillville is a great location for a new office. It could potentially serve patients from Merrillville, Hobart, Crown Point and beyond,” Turich said. “This is a diversely populated area that is still growing.”

In Turich’s view, the new location will have the advantage of both growing the Midwest Express Clinic network and treating the community to a more comprehensive outlet for care.

“Our focus on the patient experience is what really makes Midwest Express Clinic stand out from other urgent cares,” she said. “We aim to provide excellent care that is fast and affordable. The variety of services that we provide ensures that all patients are receiving the best care possible. Additionally, patients not only come to us for their urgent care needs but also their primary care. This is a feature that makes us stand out from the rest.”

Working for Midwest Express Clinic and caring for an underserved community affirms Turich in her decision to pursue nursing, and the passion that led her to pursue it in the first place.

Visit Turich at Midwest Express Clinic for your next appointment. Go to https://midwestexpressclinic.com/ to schedule it today.