A New and Great Addition to the Lifers: Candace Arvin

Candace-Arvin-Article-09-08-17_01b I have been looking for all types of amazing team members to join the LIFE Crew since I started almost five years ago. I have found incredible people that work hard, strive for the best, and who are part of the irreplaceable team I have today. That said, I have always been on the lookout for someone more like me, that thinks a bit closer to the way I do, that can be one step ahead, and is always “on”. It is a hard spot to fill and we, as a company, have very high expectations. This made me wonder if there really was someone that would ever fit this role and assist me in growing the LIFE Sites with as much passion as I have developed over the years. Then I realized that she was right in front of me for quite some time! I am so happy to welcome Candace Arvin as our new Director of Client and Business Development!

Candace will be helping to drive awareness of the LIFE Sites and encouraging our community and business leaders alike to share all that is GOOD. She comes to Ideas in Motion Media with a varied skill set that we feel will help us achieve our vision for the future.

Candace grew up in the sales industry; traveling and working for major publication companies for 6+ years. Once back home she combined her real-world experience with a degree in Business Administration. After spending the last five years in healthcare, two of which were in the nonprofit sector, she found a love for philanthropy, community, and for helping organizations grow.

Candace-Arvin-Article-09-08-17_02 Candace said, “I am driven by a passion to help others and to see us all succeed. I’ve watched Ideas in Motion Media grow from afar. I have been a part of events like Biz in the Backyard where it’s more than networking, it’s a sense of community - everyone brings a dish! Or the Good Life Awards where we recognize those who exemplify positivity and reward nonprofits for their work. Most recently, I was lucky enough to be selected as a speaker for All About the Girls Part 3 and had just a small part in empowering women throughout the region.”

“I’m all about good news, good causes, and helping businesses and nonprofits to thrive by sharing their stories. My new role at Ideas in Motion Media is an amazing opportunity to have an impact on not only one but many of the great things happening within our community. In what some would call uncertain times in our history, it’s truly a blessing to get to share all that is POSITIVE. You’re welcome world!”