A REGIONAL Federal Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Amal Patel

A REGIONAL Federal Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Amal Patel

Amal Patel is a Sr. Business Lending Specialist at REGIONAL federal credit union. Patel’s career in finance came to him naturally after obtaining his degree at Benedictine. He has been in the business for 10 years, and to him, it’s a natural fit.

“I kind of fell into this business, and I found that I am pretty good at it and most importantly, that I enjoy it,” said Patel. “Initially, I started right out of school as a credit underwriter, and then I got into banking industry.”

Patel enjoys the family atmosphere at REGIONAL. He appreciates that all the team members take the time to educate and inform their members on their individual financial needs.

“I like the one-on-one aspect we have with members and the closeness we have with members and the community,” said Patel. “We get referrals, walk-ins, really anyone who needs something to further their business. I look at their finances and help with my lending authority. REGIONAL is especially great because I was able to help take their business-lending program to the next level, which is a great asset to help people individually.”

Patel has been at REGIONAL since March. He helps those who want to expand their business by granting loans to purchase property, equipment, lines of credit or any other type of business lending need. His ultimate goal is to help small business owners with the expansion of their businesses.

“I wanted to be able to help people one-on-one and REGIONAL allows me to do that,” said Patel. “They were starting a new division here, which was interesting to me. They were growing the business from the ground up.”

Patel moved from Chicago to Northwest Indiana. His family owns a hotel business in the area, and he wanted to be closer to them, as well as raise his own family here.

“Everything was set up here. We just had a baby boy three months ago, and we didn’t want to be in the city,” said Patel. “My wife’s side of the family has owned hotels for 30 years, and my dad has owned hotels for 35 years. The whole family has been involved in that business, and that background has helped me excel in my career.”

Patel says the family business gave him experience and understanding of the financial process in issuing loans.

“I understand where the business owner is coming from and what their needs are. I enjoy helping people and helping with their concerns. I want to be able to help people and to explain how a loan can help them,” said Patel. “At the same time, I do not want to push people to get loans who don’t need them. It’s important to educate people on that.”

REGIONAL is here for people and they emphasize the importance in assisting its members and that truly stood out to Patel.

“What stands out about REGIONAL to me is that everyone helps. They go over and above to help their members and every single team member has taken that motto to heart,” said Patel.