A Steiner Homes Employee Spotlight: Megan Heckard

A Steiner Homes Employee Spotlight: Megan Heckard

Megan Heckard grew up around the home building and real estate business and has been interested in both fields for as long as she can remember. Her father, Dan Steiner, started Steiner Homes Ltd. in 2006 and after previously working as a manager at Macy’s, Heckard decided to follow another career journey with her family by her side.

Since 2014, Heckard has served as a sales specialist at Steiner Homes. There, she follows up with leads that come through the company’s website and Facebook page, schedules home walk-throughs, prices out projects that clients want to see in their homes, and researches properties.

“At Steiner, I especially love being in sales because I’m selling something I’m really proud of. Since it’s my family’s business, I’m basically selling my name. We really believe and stand behind our product, so it’s fun to give people their dream home that they can feel proud of and that they’re going to love,” Heckard said.

With two kids, Heckard is grateful to have the flexible work hours and understanding that comes with a career with Steiner Homes. Sometimes she even brings her kids to work.

Heckard said the pressure that some people feel about buying a home motivates her to serve them well.

“Most of the time, this is the biggest investment of our customers’ lives. Because of this, it’s so important to us to give them their dream home. Although there is some pressure, it motivates me to really search for the perfect home that I know they will love,” she said.

Heckard’s favorite part of her job is the planning process that includes sitting down with customers one-on-one and having them list off the things that they are looking for in their dream home.

“It’s fun to see them so excited about the process. I love being able to interact with them, and I want to find our customers something that they love and feel good about,” Heckard said.

Steiner Homes prides themselves on offering their customers beautiful new homes that include a wide variety of floor plans, the area’s best package of select features, and clear fair pricing. Heckard stands by this promise. One of the biggest things she keeps in mind during meetings with clients is staying within the customer’s price range.  

“I show them many different models in different sizes. We begin by figuring out what is most important to the customer –size, accessories, utilities, etc. But no matter what, I am always respectful to the budget,” she said.

“Our standard-included features are up and above compared to other builders out there. We don’t want customers to feel nickel-and-dimed when they come to us, we want them to love their home and to be able to afford it. The homes that have our standard features are gorgeous, and that’s what we’re most proud of,” Heckard said.

Another priority for Heckard is being upfront and honest with her customers.

“I try to be really straight forward with people. I never push; It’s their choice and it’s going to be their home. I hold their hands through the entire process, but ultimately, we want them to come to the decision all on their own. We want our customers to love their home as much as we love building it,” Heckard said.

It’s no secret that family businesses, just like any other business, can be challenging at times.

“My family is able to openly talk about issues and work through them. Open communication is very important in family businesses,” she said.

When she’s not working, Heckard enjoys spending time with her husband and two children out and about in Valparaiso.

“In the summer, you can always find us out on the driveway drawing houses with chalk on the driveway,” she said.

Some of Heckard’s future goals include becoming a jack-of-all-trades within the company.

“I’m really enjoying learning all aspects of the company. I want to sell more homes and get more people in a Steiner Home,” she said.

Heckard is thankful to those who have supported her during her journey with Steiner Homes.