A Team 360 Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Cowger

A Team 360 Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Cowger
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: November 23, 2019

Stephanie Cowger, residential real estate broker and recent homebuyer herself, says that her own buying and selling experience is what originally sparked her passion for the field.

“Six years ago, my husband and I sold and purchased a new home together. I really enjoyed the process and it piqued my interest in the field of real estate. The purchase meant so much to us, and I wanted to help with and be a part of that experience with other people,” Cowger said.

Cowger wants to be with her clients every step of the way to ensure they find what they’re looking for and have fun while doing so.

“Buying a home is such a big investment, so it’s important to have the right person guiding you who has your best interest at heart. You need that support of having someone in your corner,” Cowger said. “There’s a starting and an ending point, and my job is to get my clients there with the least amount of stress and to make it as pleasurable of an experience as possible.”

In order to do just that, Cowger is adamant on making herself available all day, every day.

“It’s paramount for me to be there 100% for my clients. I take phone calls and text messages all day long; It’s not your typical 9-5 job,” said Cowger. “But being there 24/7 is so important and makes such a difference because it really reassures clients that they are supported.”

This type of communication is what really matters to Cowger in the end, not the sale.

“I love helping families find their dream homes. It’s hard to describe how amazing it is to be a part of their experience. The look of pure joy on their faces at the closing table when they’re handed their keys and are ready to start the next chapter of their lives –it’s very special.”

This, by far, is her favorite aspect of the job.

“It’s so incredibly rewarding to know that these people trusted you, and you got them to where they needed to be. The relationships that I’ve built with my clients are so much bigger than the actual transaction,” said Cowger.

Cowger’s commitment to her clients is a quality that truly stands out, especially to her team leader, who has worked alongside Cowger since she entered real estate.

"Stephanie is really an anchor on our team, the other agents look up to her and appreciate her many contributions. As well, we always get positive feedback from the clients that Stephanie has worked with; A good percentage of her business comes from repeat and referral clients,” said Darlene Knoblock, Broker for Coldwell Banker and team leader for Team 360 .

Having such a hard-working, diligent team also adds to Cowger’s passion for her work. At Team 360, Cowger is an addition to a team of five agents.

“I’ve previously only worked on teams, and I can’t imagine myself ever going solo because I love the team culture. We’re all so supportive of each other,” she said. “They’re not only my co-workers, but also my friends. This type of dynamic also benefits the client, because we are all there to help.”

In her free time, Cowger spends most of her time traveling with her husband and supporting her two children in everything they do.

“I’m extremely family-oriented. My husband and I are the typical sports parents; We are out at every single game cheering for and supporting our kids,” Cowger said.

Looking forward, Cowger plans to continue her career in real estate for as long as possible.

“I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of Team 360 and to be a part of the dynamic and culture that we have built there. I strive to see that continued success build and build,” said Cowger. “But really, it’s all about the relationships built with our clients. We’re all very caring and compassionate people, and these are two huge must-have characteristics in this business because it’s not always black and white. It’s truly about providing comfort and establishing support in order to best serve the client.”