A Thomas Kia of Highland Employee Spotlight – Matt Summar

A Thomas Kia of Highland Employee Spotlight – Matt Summar

Working in sales isn’t an easy gig, let alone working in the finance department. To attain success, it takes someone who’s passionate about their work and someone who knows the ins and outs of an ever-evolving automotive industry.

Matt Summar, the finance director at Thomas Kia of Highland, is up to the task. For Summar, vehicles—specifically, supercars—have been the driving force to his success at the dealership.  

“I’ve always been really into vehicles, which is one reason why I got into the car business,” Summar said. “My passion for cars pushes me to know everything that’s going on with cars. The automotive industry always changing in terms of trends, and my love for cars keeps me up-to-date on new trends, whether it’s safety features, horsepower or increased fuel efficiency. It’s constantly evolving.” 

The latest trend Summar is seeing is the market’s increasing demand for electric vehicles, increased fuel economy, and the implementation of the latest technologies.

“Cars are almost driving themselves, so there are a lot more computerized components being built in vehicles,” he said. “I’m fortunate to be working for a brand that’s keeping up with the industry trends. Kia has come a long way in the last 20 years.” 

Summar views work-life balance as an important component to his success in his career. When he’s not at the dealership, you can find him spending time with his wife, hanging out with friends, and most likely, at the gym.

“I’m a big gym-buff,” Summar said. “I’m there five to six times a week. Working out helps keep me sane and clears my mind about a lot of things.” 

Summar joined the Thomas Kia team more than five years ago on the sales team and quickly climbed the ranks to success. About six months into the new job, Summar joined the finance department. 

“I’ve always strived to reach the next level in my career and to climb up the ladder,” Summar said. “From the time I started, I always wanted to find out what was going on with the next spot or position up in the company. I worked hard to understand everything and progressively grew, and it worked out for me.”

One of the many aspects he loves about his job at the dealership is the family atmosphere. 

“It’s almost like a second family to me,” Summar said. “You go into a lot of dealerships and the door is always open, it seems like with people coming and going. But here, most of us have been here a while. Everyone gets along here and we do a lot of outings together outside of work.”

Summar said every day is a new puzzle that he loves to solve. Leading the dealership finance department means helping clients navigate what they can afford, working alongside banks and seeking and securing loans.

“There’s something different with this job every day. It’s like putting a puzzle together,” he said. “I see all walks of life here, especially working in the finance department, and it is all about getting those pieces just right for the customer. When you can help people who really need a reliable car and make a difference, it makes the day worth it.”

For more information on the team at Thomas Kia of Highland, visit their website at https://www.thomaskia.com/.