A Thomas Kia of Highland Employee Spotlight: Nick Walker

A Thomas Kia of Highland Employee Spotlight: Nick Walker

They all call him “the new sheriff in town” because, as Thomas Kia of Highland’s newest and youngest sales associate, Nick Walker is all business.

"I always wanted to be a car salesman,” Walker said. “It was a dream of mine."

The opportunity to work in sales at Thomas Kia came to him one day while he was working in his previous role as a porter for the dealership. Noticing the effort and dedication Walker applied to his work, General Manager Tom Seely approached him with a proposition.

"He said, 'Nick, what do you think about joining the sales team?'"

Walker accepted on the spot. 

"It was so crazy to me, and it's still crazy to me,” he said. “Every day, I wake up in the morning and get ready and I'm putting on these nice outfits."

Walker said he never expected to have achieved one of his life goals so quickly. 

"I wasn't expecting to be a salesman at 19. I always suspected maybe if I really tried hard enough it could possibly happen by the time I'm 23 or so. But I think God had other plans for me, because here I am at 19, selling cars,” he said. "It's very exciting."

When someone comes to him for help finding a new car, he always starts by asking them what they want and listening closely. He tries to determine if there are specific new features they are looking to add to their life, and what are the aspects of their current vehicle that they'd like to keep.

There has been a lot to learn very quickly since he started in the position three months ago, and he said he’s very grateful for the help and support he’s gotten from his colleagues. 

"I like how me and my team all work together to make sure all of our customers are satisfied,” Walker said. "It's a good working experience. Any day working here is always something to look forward to."

The clearest indications to Thomas Kia’s “new sheriff” that he is exactly where he wants to be come from the reactions he gets from satisfied customers.  

"When my customer gave me a hug and let me know that I was the best salesman in the world and that she has never run into another salesman like me, it made me realize that I was doing my job, I was doing my best, and I was being me," he said.

Even when he’s not on the lot, he’s always looking to help those around him find the best fit for their drive. 

"My favorite thing to do outside of work is to find customers for work,” he said. “I like going out and letting people know what I do, and also asking them about what they drive and if they are looking for another car."

"At Thomas Kia, we have a really nice lot and really good inventory. I tell everybody that I'm pretty sure I have something in my inventory for you," Walker continued.

It means a lot to him to be the go-to guy for those closest to him. He knows how important it can be to get a good deal on the right car.  

"I definitely try to put myself out there and make myself known, especially in the neighborhood that I live in, so people can come support me and buy from me,” Walker said. "The job is the fun part of my life."
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