A Time to Remember at the Blue Chip

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 3, 2013

Sometimes you just need a night out with the girls. But it’s tough when not everyone wants to do the same thing. Some of your group wants to go out to eat, others want to see a show, some want to go dancing, some want to shop, and the rest want nothing more than to have a relaxing respite.

So what do you do? I’ll tell you what you do: round up your troop and head to the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa. They have all something for every taste and occasion. That’s what the Lady Lifers did recently. We had a weekend of fun and excitement that enabled all of us to get what we wanted. All the stuff we wanted to do was under one roof!

Our night started out right with dinner at It’s Vegas, Baby!; one of five restaurants that the Blue Chip has to offer. We sipped specialty cocktails and dined on top-notch fare that ranged from pizza margarita with handmade crust to soul-warming chicken and dumpling soup to jalapeno poppers with an awesome kick.

Erik Keever, Specialty Foods Chef at It’s Vegas Baby! and The Game (a sports bar at the Blue Chip that sits right next door), took the time to tell us about the concept of the restaurant.

“We do American contemporary here. So you’ve got that Midwest flare still. We have our pot roast and pot pies, which are homey to people but we amp it up in a Vegas way.” Keever said. “If you look around you’ll see that we have a Vegas theme. The restaurant is converted to a dance club at night and we have big screen TVs and the flashiness of the servers. It’s that something extra that we are able to accomplish. I love what I do. I love the people here and the creativity that is allowed in the food industry and especially here.”

We progressed into our night by watching a performance of the Thunder From Down Under at the Stardust Event Center. Something neat to note: there was a wedding that took place while us girls were there. There were also bachelorette parties, guys watching the Blackhawks play, birthday parties, couples celebrating anniversaries, and people there with no reason other than that is was Saturday. You see, Blue Chip is a great place to be no matter what the occasion. It’s cool and eclectic like that.

After the show, we went back to It’s Vegas, Baby! –night club version. We danced like no one was watching to the awesome music that the talented live band, The Hot Sauce Committee, was pumping out on the stage in front of the dance floor. We met lots of friendly people who were out to just have a good time. All of us girls chatted, laughed and danced until we wore ourselves out.

So we turned in after our long and lovely evening in our luxurious hotel rooms at the Spa Blue Tower. This is one of the largest buildings in La Porte County, and the spacious dwellings within it boasted all the modern conveniences and cozy ambiance that guests can hope for. The floor to ceiling windows allow for a view of a spectacular take of Lake Michigan and Michigan City, the bathrooms are sleek and clean and the beds are oh-so-comfy with soft white linens and fluffy pillows. Needless to say, we slept quite well.

Let's not forget the Blue Chip Tower which is another luxury that the Blue Chips offers. This means that the Blue Chip has more hotel accommodations than any other place in the area, just so you know.

Waking up refreshed the next day, the Lady Lifers took a turn about the casino. The staff there was extremely friendly and professional; just like the rest of the employees at the Blue Chip. When we exited the casino, the brightly colored sign of The Gift Box caught our eyes. The Gift Box is one of two retail stores within the Blue Chip. You can find great souvenirs to take home, something sparkly for your special someone or everyday necessities. Talk about convenient! The other store, It's Vegas Baby! Retail Shop offers items such as Blue Chip-themed clothing, coffee mugs and martini glasses, etc. as well as fun pieces that will make you feel like you’re taking a piece of Vegas home with you. Retail therapy –there’s nothing better.

To end our time at the Blue Chip, we indulged ourselves at the Options Buffet. It is an excellent smorgasbord prepared by talented chefs using only the freshest ingredients. You want breakfast? It was there. Lunch? They had that, too. Dinner? Sure, why not? Guests had numerous choices from an omelet station where the chef prepares your eggs right in front of you, a chocolate fountain with appropriate dipping accouterments, hand carved meats (a chefs slices the meat exactly how you want it), fresh fruit, an extensive dessert bar, and much more!

The wait staff was wonderful –our waitress was a doll. The Food and Beverage Supervisor, Sherri Blotzer was just as cool.

“We have multiple stations here. We have two American stations, an Italian station, and Asian station, a dessert station and specialty salads. There are different themed nights throughout the weeks as well as daily specials,” Blotzer said.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that the Blue Chip casino has been so popular and successful for such a long time.

“I love working here. I really like the Boyd style of business,” Blotzer exclaimed. “What attracted me to Boyd Gaming were their philosophies, which I incorporate into my life. They are a family-owned company and I have a lot of respect for Boyd Gaming.”

Boyd Gaming Corporation is the mother company of Blue Chip Casino. To find out more about them and their philosophies, visit www.boydgaming.com.

And so, everyone, that’s where our time at the Blue Chip ended. The Lady Lifers left happy and filled with memories that we made. We got to do so much and had such a great time. We’ll be back, no doubt about it!

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