A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Brandon Long

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Brandon Long

Brandon Long has an unbreakable faith in God and in humanity. Currently a broker for Boulder Bay Realty Group in Valparaiso, Long has a history of service, including being a firefighter and working with people with disabilities. A family-focused and faith-oriented man, Long strives to help people and see them grow.

“I decided to become a broker because I wanted to have more time to spend with my family,” Long said. “It has provided me a much more flexible schedule than my previous jobs, so I get to see my wife and kids more often.”

He recognizes that community service is a constant need, so he does whatever can to help others prosper. When the pandemic began earlier last year, Long and his family began making family worship videos on Facebook to spread the Gospel and increase morale during these stressful times.

His family is heavily involved with their local church, Bethel Church Hobart/Portage. When the quarantine went into effect, they still had a deep desire to lead worship and saw an opportunity to provide a sense of community through the internet. The videos include singing worship songs and reading Bible passages.

“2020 was rough on a lot of people and seeing people living in desperation and with no hope really got us motivated to do something about it,” Long said. “Sharing the Gospel with people gives them hope and gives them the opportunity to hear about a God that loves them and wants the best for them.”

Long explained that the mindset he carries is positive and focused on God.

“Every day, I want to have an opportunity to serve somebody in a way that can profoundly change their life,” Long said. “I pray to God every day to give me a chance to help someone in need, whether it be helping them finding a new home or sharing God’s teachings.”

Long stated that he has learned many valuable life lessons along the way.

“I’ve learned that it is better to work with others to serve the community,” Long said. “It acts as a great compass for traversing through life. In addition, I have learned that faith can be foundational in your life to the point where it transcends other aspects like money. Seeking after God can change your life.”

“I feel extremely blessed to have God be the guiding light through my life, on this journey of community service,” Long said. “The feedback from the videos has been incredibly positive, so seeing that my family and I have made such a positive impact is such a great feeling.”

Recently, Long and his wife welcomed their fourth child into the world.