A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Brandy Evans

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Brandy Evans
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: October 30, 2019

Children are our future, and Brandy Evans has devoted her life to making that future as bright as possible. As an Intervention Specialist for Head Start Association, Evans supports and coaches teachers with children who have Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP), Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and behavior plans in the classrooms. It’s all about family and how even the smallest gestures make big impacts. 

Evans was born and raised right here in Valparaiso. After graduating from Valparaiso High School, Evans graduated from Ivy Tech with a degree in early childhood education and went on to complete a bachelor of arts in Youth and Family Services with a masters certificate in Adult Education from DePaul University. 

“I feel that early education and prevention is essential in setting a foundation for family life and overall positive growth,” Evans said. “We need to invest in making these changes, helping where it is needed to really benefit from the return in the future.”

Evans was lucky enough to have strong family support growing up, when she learned how to make choices to better herself while always giving it her all. Her three children, husband, and teachers are all reasons she is such an advocate in the community. 

“Putting in effort raising tiny humans, working in the education and family service field, and supporting my community means everything to me,” Evans said. “It’s important to invest time and effort in something that will have such a large impact on the future, and it’s our responsibility to support, love, and encourage children and families as they grow to ensure they will be successful adults.” 

Evans and her family are highly involved with Hilltop Neighborhood House and several other non-profits throughout the community. Between donating items of need for Hilltop’s food pantry and donating to Housing Opportunities, Evans does everything she can to help. She also has participated in several fundraisers for The Caring Place, a non-profit for families of domestic violence. 

“Serving our community provides help even in the smallest of ways,” Evans said. “Everyone needs some extra support or encouragement sometimes, and I truly enjoy being part of something so small that is so big to someone in need.”

Evans really started to get involved in 2013 after her first two kids were born. Being a new mom was a bit of a struggle, so she leaned on her community and family for help. 

“There is always support, no matter how small or big,” Evans said. “Valparaiso has so many things to do, and most of the time you’ll find a friendly face in the crowd. It’s like a family to me!”