A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Chris Sandberg

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Chris Sandberg

Born and raised in Valpo, Chris Sandberg returned to his hometown after having lived in California for several years in order for he and his wife to be closer to both of their families and raise their two sons.

Sandberg currently works for Sandberg Towing – a company owned by his father and operate by Chris Sandberg and his brother Ryan. Sandberg has managed the company ever since he moved back home fifteen years ago. In his opinion, there couldn't be any better kind of job, because he has the opportunity to work with his family and have a flexible enough work schedule to ensure that he can be there for all of the important events in his sons' lives. Sandbereg's responsibilities include day-to-day operations, working on cars, and driving the tow trucks.

"I do a little bit of everything," Sandberg laughed. "I really couldn't picture myself working anywhere else, because I get the best of both worlds here. I get to work with my family, which I absolutely love because I get to see them on a daily basis, which helps us remain close. And I have the freedom to be available when I need to be for my kids. It's a great thing!"

In his spare time, Sandberg volunteers with many different organizations, including 500 Turkeys, Porter County Neighbor Link, and he even started up his own fitness group. For the past four years, Sandberg has volunteered with 500 Turkeys in various ways. In past years, he has served on the committee. This year, he helps mostly with the logistics of the operations – making sure everything is getting where it needs to be, securing a refrigerated trailer for delivery weekend, making sure they have everything they need for delivery weekend, etc. He also volunteers with Judy Elder at Porter County Neighbor Link, helping people in need in the community – whether it's doing repair work on someone's car or helping out with yard work.

In recent years, Sandberg and a few of his friends started up a work-out group. Originally starting with only four of them, they sometimes have as many as thirty participants, getting together to help each other and make sure they're all working out safely.

"I love being able to get out into my community to meet and help some of the people that are in need," Sandberg said. "It's a good feeling to help people out, people who really need it. It's very satisfying. You never know what has happened in a person's life to get them to a certain point, but knowing that I did something, no matter how big or small, to help them is something I will never let go of."

In what remains of his spare time, Sandberg enjoys endurance racing, running 5Ks, participating in obstacle courses, and spending time with his family before his oldest son heads off to college this fall.