A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Doctor Brooke McAfee Clements

brooke-mcafeeMcAfee Animal Hospital has been visited frequently by Brooke McAfee Clements ever since she was a child and continues to be a place of refuge for her as a doctor.

“My mom tells stories of me at three years old walking up to the clinic because we lived right next door. I would follow my dad around and take teddy bears on my animal adventures,” said Clements.

A love and overall passion for animals first began her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian and working alongside her father, Larry McAfee. It has been a blessing for her to follow in the family’s footsteps which first began with her grandfather, John McAfee, in 1943—the year McAfee Animal Hospital was founded.

“I’m grateful that I will be partnered with Brooke because she is great with clients, their animals, and our staff. As a doctor, she has a wonderful reputation with the community just like her father and grandfather,” Dr. Steve Violanti said.

Growing up around domestic animals and wildlife was the norm for Clements so eventually all the experience turned into a deep passion for animal health and wellness. She is a Valparaiso High School graduate, a four year undergrad from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where she played basketball and earned her chemistry degree, and then went on to Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine for an additional four years.

“My family has been super supportive my entire life. Even though I’m a third generation vet, I know it means a lot to my dad and he is excited to have me as a third generation vet. However, they have always been extremely supportive in letting me do what I want,” Clements said. “Sometimes my dad would try to talk me out of being a vet because he didn’t want me to feel that I had to follow him and his father.”

Opportunities were always available for Clements because of her drive and dedication, but at the end of the day, she knew that she always wanted to work with animals. Her father has always been a huge role model for her whether it involved working at the clinic or being an active community member.

“My father and I always try to give back to our community. I’m eagerly waiting to step into the role that he has created for McAfee Animal Hospital. I have involved myself in the United Way, the Valparaiso Schools Foundation, and a few other wonderful committees so far,” Clements said.

McAfee Animal Hospital stands out in the community because as Valparaiso continues changing, the public has a solid, family-like staff that is more than willing to assist their clients. Clements goal is to keep the animal hospital a family-run business and continue a strong involvement in the community.

Bark for Life, Lakeshore PAWS, American Greyhound, and Great Lakes Greyhound are some of the many great organizations that the clinic works with currently.

“Brooke is always punctual when it comes to work—she is always here early and always stays late. This reinforces the great work ethic found in her family and the dedication that goes along with being a safe haven for animals and their families,” Dr. Violanti said in closing.

McAfee Animal Hospital really stands up to their motto and will continue to do so with Dr. Brooke McAfee Clements stepping into her father’s shoes. From the doctors to the staff, McAfee is truly “where caring and community matter.”