A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Eric Zavinski

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Eric Zavinski

Eric Zavinski is currently the director of marketing and communications at Ivy Tech Community College. Zavinski considered his position a unique one, getting to be the marketing professional for all three Ivy Tech locations which keeps him quite busy without there ever being a dull moment for him. Zavinski’s job ranges to doing many tasks on a day-to-day basis which always keeps him engaged. 

“I also handle internal communication for the college, our campus. That includes doing an employee newsletter and making sure everyones on the same page for big projects or things coming up ranging from enrollment to your human resources events, things of that nature. Again, definitely a lot on the plate but it’s a very fulfilling job and has a variety to do,” said Zavinsk. 

Zavinski has always appreciated hearing stories, storytelling, and he also loves to write. Journalism had interested him at a young age as something he could pursue with his skill sets. Zavinski remained in journalism for a long time and still uses it in his work today. 

“I’ve always been interested ever since I was a teenager really in telling stories and learning the honest answers and feelings behind what’s happening and why people do what they do. That’s definitely what really got me into journalism. That was a really awesome eye-opener for me,” said Zavinski.

Zavinski grew up in Pennsylvania, then worked in New York for a while before ending up in Indiana. Zavinski has worked in many different fields of work thus far; he’s been a reporter, worked in nonprofit management for the Boy Scouts of America, and was a journalist before working at Ivy Tech in marketing. Zavinski got introduced to a few heads of Ivy Tech while at a local fundraiser for Boy Scouts of America. 

Zavinski is very passionate about his job but an aspect that’s also very important to him personally is where his work is located at. Zavinski is a firm believer that Ivy Tech is one of the best campuses for unique and equal college course opportunities with 30 different programs. 

“I just think that Ivy Tech is such a cool option to go to school because back where I grew up in Pennsylvania there isn’t really a good equivalent to Ivy Tech in terms of how many programs at the community college that Ivy Tech offers,” said Zavinski. “It’s easy to get passionate about you could say."

Outside of work, Zavinski is a very outdoorsy person who loves going on hikes and spending time with his husband, Colton. Zavinski and his husband got married last year after having figure out life around the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“We love doing our video games and stuff like that but we actually love nature and camping and hiking. It’s something we’ve been enjoying more and more together,” said Zavinski. “The pandemic started when we started living together so you really get a greater appreciation for nature when it can be your one sanctuary away from all the other craziness of the world,” said Zavinski.