A Valpo Life In the Spotlight: Jenna Francesconi

A Valpo Life In the Spotlight: Jenna Francesconi
By: Dan Petreikis Last Updated: March 7, 2018

Jenna Francesconi, an account manager in the Region, is certain in what makes her successful in business: it's the strength of relationships between her and her clients.

“Personal and business relationship-building is - I think - the key to successful business,” says Francesconi, who serves her clients at Meridian Title in Valparaiso. “Especially in sales, building strong relationships is the key to successful business growth.”

Born and raised in La Porte, Francesconi started working with Meridian in May of 2016, shortly before her graduation from Purdue North Central, (now Purdue Northwest). That's when she began working in the escrow department and worked her way in to sales.

“I saw that they had positions open, and I felt that I had the credentials,” said Francesconi. As an essential link between customers and staff members, Francesconi spends much of her day providing those customers with information about Meridian’s services.

“If someone ever needs information, they can come to me,” said Francesconi. “I develop a partnership with customers in our community here in Porter County - agents, brokers, anybody who needs help with title services, real estate services, even ‘For Sale by Owner’ types. For those people, I’m here to help them through the process.”

Francesconi's favorite part of the job? You bet - it's building relationships.

“Definitely what I enjoy most is building those relationships with everybody at my job. I don’t just sit in my office all day. I get to go out and meet my customers. That’s what my position is all about,” said Francesconi.

Though she normally starts her day in the office checking emails and making phone calls, Francesconi says that by afternoon, she’s on the road heading out to meet with customers.

“It might just be small talk,” explained Francesconi. “Sort of a ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ I might ask for suggestions as to how we could do better, or offer to help with any problems that they might be having, just basically letting them know that I’m there for them to help them get their closings done quickly and smoothly.”

Then, of course, there are the usual sales meetings, sales rallies, and training sessions. She’s also involved with both the Valparaiso and Portage Chambers of Commerce. Recently, she's also reached out to the Kiwanis, Young Leaders United, and Full Circle Young Professionals.

"I was asked to join these groups and we just get together and try to come up with ideas to make a difference in those communities," Francesconi said. "Maybe we will organize an event to raise money for a cause.”

Beyond building strong business relationships and helping customers with their title needs, Francesconi maintains a healthy lifestyle and enjoys a sport which has played a large in her life for many years - volleyball.

“I played while I was in high school and also when I was at PNC. When I was done, I played at the La Porte YMCA. There’s a league at the Dunes Center that I play in. I’ll also play here at various teams around the area,” said Francesconi. As if that’s not enough to keep Francesconi busy, another way she helps is by babysitting.

As for long-term goals, Francesconi would like to own her own home someday, and is saving up to buy one now. “I don’t want to be house-poor,” Francesconi laughed.

When thinking of qualities where she would like to own a house, Francesconi likes the small-town feel of living in La Porte.

“I like the small, older feel of downtown La Porte. It’s always on the move, trying to make things better. There are several different committees who are seeking grants and looking to find ways to make things better there," said Francesconi. "Valparaiso remodeled their downtown a few years ago, and Michigan City has their arts district, and I like that about these communities - that there are people here who are trying to make things better."

Although Francesconi is content at home, her passion to travel exists too. Francesconi said, “I recently got back from a trip to France and Italy. Coming back just really made me want to travel even more."

Being a resident of La Porte, Francesconi also harbors a secret.

“I’m a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan!” laughed Francesconi.

Next time you need help with title insurance, escrow closings, or real estate services, stop by Meridian Title in Valparaiso and let experts like Francesconi help you out!