A Valpo Life In The Spotlight: Judy Kukelka

A Valpo Life In The Spotlight: Judy Kukelka

Being in the business field is not only about studying and being passionate about companies, it is also about creating relationships with people in order to become successful and well-qualified. Judy Kukelka of Valparaiso has grown passionate about creating relationships within the Northwest Indiana community through her new job at StoryPoint Senior Living, and has become very successful and inspiring to the surrounding communities.

Judy Kukelka grew up in Lowell and attended Lowell High School. After graduation, she studied Business Administration at Ivy Tech Community College, and has been in the business field for over 11 years since college graduation, working eight of those years in Porter County.

Judy works at StoryPoint Chesterton, opening this coming winter, as a Business Development Specialist. StoryPoint is a senior living community that offers independent living and enhanced living options. The goal of StoryPoint is to connect with seniors, their families, and each other to enrich lives, and Judy has been practicing this nature her entire life. Her aunt and grandmother were both in the healthcare industry, and have always led Judy to believe in the services and products associated with healthcare, while also shaping her into the person she is today.

“I’m really excited to be part of the community and be able to bring such a great presence to seniors in our community by being a part of StoryPoint,” said Judy. “I’ve always been passionate about senior living throughout my entire life.”

Outside of her job, Judy participates in many other activities and organizations around the area in order to give back to her community: she is a part of the Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis, a ‘sports mom’, a youth leader at her church, and is also training for the Chicago Marathon.

“I believe it is very important to give back to the community in order to provide great resources for family and friends,” said Kukelka. “I am very excited to spend my free time with my community, and also train for the Chicago Marathon which raises money to help provide clean water for women and children in Africa.”

Judy has three boys and is married to her loving husband and ‘biggest cheerleader,’ Bryan. Many people, including her family, have influenced her throughout her life, but she loves to be inspired by strong women in order to become strong and confident herself.

“Not only one person has influenced me,” said Kukelka. “I like to surround myself with strong women in order to become stronger and better myself. I’d like to also highlight my husband, because he has been my biggest cheerleader in my life; he has always been there to raise our children while I work full time, and would do anything for us.”