A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Lita Peters

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Lita Peters

Lita Peters, Executive Director at Respite House,  is a woman that is for the people. Peters founded Respite House in 2009, which is a facility for men with drug addiction, alcoholism, and criminal records. She conceived the idea in 2007 and took the necessary steps towards making Respite House a reality. 

The idea came to Peters when she realized that there were not many places in Northwest Indiana for men that are in desperate need of aid. Peters, with all her ambition, then decided to do some research and see how prevalent the crisis was. Peters gathered data and understood that something needed to be done as soon as possible. 

Two years later, Respite House was created and she had achieved what she had hoped for. Since its grand opening, the Respite House has taught Peters a lot.

“People look at addicts as throwaways of society, but they aren't. All they need is rehabilitation and help to be productive members of society again.”

Peters is very passionate about her work and works even harder for her close-knit staff. Her team is composed of ex-Respite House members who have turned their lives around and are giving back to the very system that helped them. 

When working with her clients, Peters builds up their self esteem, shows them their worth, teaches them to be productive members of society, gives substance abuse counseling, and provides amenities that can help people recover safely. Peters finds joy in helping people, which is why she is opening a second Respite house called Respite House 2 in the fall.

Peters’s favorite part of her job is to see the progress she is making with her clients.

“When I see somebody that I have been working with scratch away those walls of thinking they’re nothing, I feel so much joy in my heart," she said.

Peters is also doing other amazing things. She cares for her blind rescue chihuahua and is currently a student at Purdue Northwest in their Bachelor of Social Work program.

When Peters sees an opportunity to help others, she goes and does it, even if the path may be full of turmoil and chaos. She does not stop and pushes forward.

For more information about Respite House, please visit their website at http://www.respitehouse.org/.