A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Michael J. Uzelac, D.D.S.

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Michael J. Uzelac, D.D.S.

The Region is lucky to have citizens doing so many great, innovative things for the area. In Valparaiso, one of those people is Dr. Michael Uzelac.

As owner of Dental Arts Group and Sleep Airway Solutions, Uzelac is constantly searching for ways to give back and offer more services. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Duneland YMCA, and has previously been president of the American Cancer Society of Porter County, worked with Hilltop House, and more!

“I’ve always felt it important to give back,” Uzelac said. “I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be where I am now. I’ve worked very hard, but there’s also others who have been less fortunate. The community supports me, so I want to support them.”

Part of that support is paying it forward to community organizations that bring education to the forefront, like the Duneland YMCA. Uzelac himself is almost constantly learning new things and sees the value in making opportunity available to others.

“Education is everything to a person's development,” Uzelac said. “I believe if you have a little kid, you’ve got a window there where you can make it work. If you miss that window, it makes it difficult for that child to reach their full potential.”

Northwest Indiana has always been home to Uzelac. The diversity of the area is a love of his and has helped keep him, and his talents, in the area. Uzelac is currently working to become board certified and join the ranks of less than 500 dentists around the world who have achieved the honor.

“I was my first patient,” Uzelac said. “I had all the issues of sleep apnea, I went to my physician, he gave me the test, and I looked into alternate treatments. I made an appliance for myself and it worked. Now, I’m getting educated so that I can provide this service to others.”

Outside of work and his charity positions, Uzelac loves to travel and spend time with his wife. The pair have been married for nearly 25 years and enjoy travel, ballroom dancing, and reading.

“My wife and I are very close,” Uzelac said. “She’s a hygienist here; we’ve actually worked together since ‘89!”

Clearly, Dr. Uzelac is bringing positive things to Northwest Indiana! To learn more about him and his practices visit Dental Arts Group or Sleep Airway Solutions!