A Valpo Life In The Spotlight: Robyn Walsworth

A Valpo Life In The Spotlight: Robyn Walsworth

Robyn Walsworth redefines what it means to be someone who gives back to the community. She gives her time, energy, and passion to individuals and organizations in the Valparaiso community.

Walsworth’s family has also supported the community financially in many different ways through their ownership of Firehouse Subs in Portage and Valparaiso. Walsworth also works in special events for Calvary Church, her family place of worship for 21 years.

Walsworth and her husband Jeff are passionate about helping so many different community organizations, including Calvary Church, various Christian activities like mission trips, community schools, and first responders and EMTs.

Walsworth has served the community in different ways, like being on the board for the American Cancer Society and Christian Community Action, which is now Housing Opportunities.

She is especially active in helping the Washington Towship Middle/High School because her two children attend high school there. She and her husband also help many schools throughout the community, including having fundraisers for parent-teacher organizations and dance schools.

Firehouse Subs has a Public Safety Foundation non-profit that supports local first responders and sometimes various veteran affairs, such as off-road wheel chairs for injured veterans.

People can donate by rounding up to the next dollar when they pay for their purchases at Firehouse Subs, putting money into the canister on the counter, or buying one of their pickle buckets for $2.

The Firehouse Sub Portage location has been open for six years, and their Valpo location has been open for four years. During this time, they have given away around $200,000 in grants to Porter County first responders.

Their generosity comes from their love for the community and passion to support those who help save lives. Walsworth’s husband was a firefighter for 25 years - the captain in Valparaiso for a time - so this cause is close to their hearts.

Walsworth believes it’s important to give back to the community because she wants to share what God has given to her and her family.

“God has blessed us with more than we need, and we enjoy sharing it.”

When she was young, her mother passed away, and she was without a home for a while. Then, a couple she knew took her into their home and she helped look after their kids.

“God has just always provided for us, and we don’t have to live an extravagant life. We just want to give back to the community, and we want to give back to orphans and widows, to those in need who are struggling. We’re just blessed to be able to do that,” Walsworth said.

Her family of four has gone on 10 mission trips.

“People in other countries have so little but have so much joy. They just love God so much, and he provides consistently for them and it’s just awesome to be a little part of that.”

Walsworth and her husband also lead student life groups at Calvary Church.

“We just love hanging out with the teens, speaking into their lives, and learning from them,” she said.

Her other volunteer passion is spending a week at Springhill Camps in Evart, Mich., helping in production by taking photos and working in the trading post. She and Jeff also enjoy taking teens to retreats there during the winter.

Walsworth’s love for the community and generous heart have impacted individuals and organizations in many different ways.

“We love Valpo and it’s a great community. It’s diverse and the people really band together when you see things like a kid with cancer or somebody whose home burned down and they didn’t have good insurance. Valpo just always jumps in and the people in the community are supportive. We want to do what we can to be part of that and show how much we love our community.”