A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Steve Wilson

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson is a man who wholly dedicates his spirit and livelihood to serving God, the community, and its people. Currently serving as both the Multi-Area Director for NW Indiana Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and as a Real Estate Broker for Realty Executives Premier, Wilson strives to ensure his path in life fills others with compassion and hope.

“Even though they are two separate fields, both of my positions share the same goal of serving others,” Wilson said. “I strive to meet and help people at vulnerable spots in their lives in the most graceful and compassionate way I can.”

Wilson stated that he really enjoys people. He believes that the concept and process of genuine conversation is vital for success, and this belief has led him to walk the paths he is on today. In addition, Wilson explained that God called him to pursue ministry, which led to him recently joining NW Indiana FCA. FCA’s goal is to help spread the Gospel outside of the church and into the sports arena, so Wilson saw this as a great opportunity to get involved.

“With the way the world has changed, my dedication to serving God and the community is important now more than ever,” Wilson said. “I keep my ideals and principles grounded and strong in order to serve the God and the people I love.”

Wilson further explained that his motivation throughout his daily routines is simply enjoying what he does. Being a social person is important for establishing positive relationships with others and being a guiding light.

“I really don’t ‘work’ to be honest. I simply have fun conversing with others and hearing their stories so that I can understand them more and be of service,” Wilson said.

Being a member of Calvary Church of Valparaiso, Wilson stated that his perspective of community has strengthened considerably over the years. He has also learned about being selfless.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes how much this city has changed, and the culture it has created is so incredibly appealing and inviting,” Wilson said. “There are a lot of good people in Valparaiso who are always doing something meaningful for others.”

Wilson concluded by giving a shout-out to his wife Christine and four daughters.

“I’m grateful to be where I am at today,” Wilson said. “Serving God and my church has really bonded me to this community, and I am so blessed to have experienced all of this. I’m just trying to be the light that helps people realize how special they truly are.”