A Valpo Parks Employee Spotlight: Beth Bowker

A Valpo Parks Employee Spotlight: Beth Bowker

Beth Bowker spends her days on the links and the ice rink. But probably not how you would think. As Manager of Business Operations at Valpo Parks, Bowker bounces between both the Forest Park and Creekside golf courses. There, she oversees all aspects of the Valpo Parks golf department, including keeping track of revenue, checking in on staff members and golfers, helping when and where she’s needed, working the counter, attending meetings, working with merchandise, and much more.

Bowker is not a golfer, but her son, who was an avid golfer in his youth, inspired her employment in the golf department.

“When my son was in high school, I would be here dropping him off for practice every day,” Bowker said. “One day they mentioned they were looking for a part time employee and I ended up getting and taking the job.”

Now, after 14 years of employment with Valpo Parks, Bowker has settled in and feels as though she has found herself a great career fit.

“I really enjoy working with my fellow staff members,” Bowker said. “They are always willing to stop what they are doing and help you if needed.”

Bowker’s favorite aspect of her job is meeting hundreds of people in the Valpo community.

“People always joke and say they don’t want to go out with me socially because I’ll stop every few steps to say hello to someone I’ve met through my job,” Bowker laughed. “I’ve gotten to know many people and have made a lot of connections over the years.”

During winter months, Bowker transitions to Central Park Plaza, where she manages the skating rink.

“Being around the rink in the winter is so enjoyable. We have a lot of traction in the community and a large staff, and it’s always very fun getting to work with and know everyone,” Bowker said.

She also mentioned that the schedule flip from days to nights during winter skating months is a nice change of pace. The job itself provides Bowker with all the variety she could ever want in a profession.

“I get the chance to be sociable and talk with staff and customers while also getting to crunch numbers and do behind-the-scenes work,” Bowker said. “It really is the best of both worlds for me.”

Valpo Parks re-opened its courses in late April after closing for a period due to Covid-19.

“During our closed period, we were able to really ramp things up for our opening and make sure we had the correct safety protocols in place,” Bowker said. “Now, it’s very busy on the weekends and it’s nice to see people out enjoying their time, getting fresh air, and doing what they love.”

In her free time, Bowker enjoys yardwork, running, reading, spending time at the beach, and really anything that takes place outdoors.

Looking forward, Bowker and the rest of the Valpo Parks staff are excited to start up some of the community’s beloved events that had been postponed come the end of June and throughout July while also working to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy.

“Valpo Parks is truly a family. Everyone has each other’s backs and if you need something, someone will always offer to help you out. It’s a very supportive environment.”

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