Active in NWI: I Never Gave Up

ActiveinNWINEWThis segment of Active in NWI belongs to Jason Akers. You can find Jason at Team Chevy in Valparaiso, and he’s gone through some changes lately.

“My journey started a year ago,” Jason said. “I was in charge of the 2015 American Heart Association Gold Gala and I felt like a hypocrite. I weighed 200 pounds and I was on all different types of medications for my health.”


Jason realized then that if he was going to talk the talk, then he had better walk the walk. He hired a personal trainer and began to work out a few days a week at Life Power LLC in Merrillville. He turned his eating habits around and began running. He now has several 5ks under his tightened belt and he feels tremendous.

“I’m off of all of my medication and so far I’ve lost 50 pounds,” Jason said. “I’m a lot healthier and I have a lot more energy. This has changed my life.”

akers-sonJason got his health back, but to him, the best thing that come from this change is the time that he got and continues to get with his teenage son.

“My son is a high school wrestler and we train together. We get up before he goes to school and before I go to work and drive to the gym,” Jason said. “I get to spend time with him and I can’t replace that.”

And Jason has a bit of advice that he wants to give to people who are trying to get their health pointed in the right direction.

“I’ve struggled for 25 years to get my health under control, but I never gave up. I tried a lot of diets and it took the American Heart Association to turn it around,” Jason said. “So if you are having a hard time, don’t give up. Something will work for you, you just have to keep trying.”

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