Active in NWI: Share the Road

safety-month-laurenWe’re everywhere… We live on your street. We’re in your schools. We serve you lunch. We infiltrate your hospitals and gyms… We’re runners.

We can easily be spotted in the morning or at dusk. We are more active outside in the warmer months. Don’t fear us… share the road with us. Our ways may be foreign to some, but rest assured that our brightly colored clothing and blinking lights are not calling the mother ship, they are meant to make you see us.

Running and other types of outdoor recreational activities hold dangers that can be easily avoided. Below are some tips that are useful for runners and other outdoor enthusiasts as well as for drivers and those with whom we share the outside world.


  1. Stay alert – look both ways before crossing the street and run against traffic so you can see approaching vehicles.
  2. Run with a friend – there’s power in numbers.
  3. Tell people where you are going – give the route to a friend or family member. That way if something were to happen they could find you.
  4. Stay hydrated – it can be hot even in the morning or at dusk. Carry water with you.
  5. Wear reflective material – this will help motorists to see you in the dark.
  6. Carry your ID and cell phone in case of emergency – handy running belts and arm bands can hold important items and leave your run unimpeded.
  7. Avoid dark, unpopulated areas – always run in places where you can see your surroundings and in familiar places.
  8. If you see something say something – if something happens, call the police immediately.
  9. Ignore verbal harassment and don’t harass anyone else – keep it clean, folks. Keep your distance from anyone who may say something unsavory to you, and remember that other runners aren’t there for your enjoyment. Be respectful.
  10. Stop at stop signs and wait for motorists to acknowledge you before you cross the street. NEVER assume that they see you or that they will stop.


  1. Obey traffic lights, stop signs, and other signage. It’s there not to dampen your day, but to keep everyone safe.
  2. Look before opening your door – make sure no runner or cyclist is about to pass before opening your door to avoid a collision.
  3. Give a wide birth when passing runners on the road.
  4. If you come to a stop sign at the same time that a runner does, make sure to physically acknowledge that they are there. Give a wave to let them know it’s okay to cross the road in front of you. If it’s night, flash your lights as a signal.
  5. Drive the speed limit.
  6. Be aware – runners, pedestrians, and cyclists are everywhere so keep your head on a swivel.
  7. Report other drivers – aggressive driving is unsafe and often unlawful. If you see someone driving in ways that endanger the lives of those around them, in and out of cars, call the police and give them the license plate of the driver in question.