Active in NWI: Why Not Cycle?

Active in NWI: Why Not Cycle?
By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: April 19, 2016

Cyclists are nearly as prominent as runners in NWI. It’s a fun sport that allows participants get to where they need to go quickly without increasing their carbon footprint.

There are avid cyclists who have high end road bikes that weight about 12 pounds, you’ll see them zooming around on bike trails or long stretches of country roads, leaning over the handlebars with no-nonsense looks on their faces. Then there are those who use a bicycle for transportation. They live close to their job so they ride a bike, and why not? It’s great exercise. And then there are those who do it for fun. Families ride their bikes out on trails on a weekend outing, you’ll see kids riding around their subdivisions together, or a dad teaching his young daughter to ride without training wheels.

It’s a recreation that anyone of any age can do. Cycling is versatile and low-impact, unlike running which is can be harsh on joints. It’s also excellent for cardio and it improves strength, balance, and coordination, and like many exercises it can help you get into shape.

There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind blow by you as you quickly coast down a hill on a bicycle, but care and caution must be taken. You can't be completely carefree while cycling, you must pay attention to your surroundings. But you can still have fun and be safe simultaneously. Cyclists share the road with cars, motorcycles, and other modes of transport, and they are required to follow the same traffic laws. These laws vary from state to state, but here are our laws in Indiana in case you were curious. They are useful to know so please read them.

ActiveinNWINEWIf you don’t like riding on the road, there are lots of great trails in NWI. Some are paved, some are not. Some run through wooded areas, some run through towns and cities. They all have one factor in common: they showcase the beauty of NWI and allow cyclists, runners, walkers, roller bladers, etc. a safe place to move.

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