Addison Pointe Health & Rehab Cruises into Fall with Classic Car Show

Addison Pointe Health & Rehab Cruises into Fall with Classic Car Show
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: October 3, 2019

On Thursday, Addison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation Center rode into fall in style at their Classic Old Car Show. Featuring the Winamac Old Auto Club, baby back ribs, and plenty of fun and nostalgia, the event brought together residents and visitors alike.

The Winamac Old Auto Club is the oldest car club in Northwest Indiana. In addition to the usual parades and cruise nights most car fanatics take part in, they tour the Region’s senior living communities to put on free shows and chat with residents. Addison Pointe had hosted the club over the summer, and it was such a success that they decided to bring them back one more time before the weather gets too wet and cold.

“Our residents really enjoy coming out and seeing the cars,” said Sarah Mirabella, Clinical Community Liaison for Addison Pointe. “They get to interact with a lot of people and community they might not usually see. It’s a pretty big hit!”

Residents toured the packed parking lot which featured cars ranging from classic Fords to modern Corvettes. All of the vehicles are the owners’ pride and joy, and they loved the chance to show them off to Addison Pointe’s community.

Old Winamac Car Club Car Show 2019

Old Winamac Car Club Car Show 2019 20 Photos
Old Winamac Car Club Car Show 2019Old Winamac Car Club Car Show 2019Old Winamac Car Club Car Show 2019Old Winamac Car Club Car Show 2019

“We know that at communities like this, they’ve lived through all these older cars,” said George Grogloth, President of the Winamac Old Auto Club. “It brings back a lot of memories from the old days to see these cars out here. It’s great to talk to them and hear their stories.”

Bruce Sanders is one of the club’s younger members, and is also a part of their Board of Directors. Seeing the joy on the faces of residents never gets old, according to him. He recalled an experience where he chatted with a group of veterans, including a 92-year-old D-Day participant.

“He had no family left, so in some of these cases we’re the only people outside their residence or doctors they chat with,” Sanders said. “So when you can bring them back to their younger days and see that smile, it’s amazing. I’ll never forget that day. It’s very humbling.”

For Addison Pointe, hosting events like Thursday’s car show and their many other celebrations and get-togethers is essential.

“Our goal is to keep our residents as active as possible,” said Mark Staggy, Regional Director of Public and Community Relations for TLC Management, parent company of Addison Pointe. “Events like this get them out of their rooms, talking with other people in the community, and just generally gives them something to look forward to that day or that week.”

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