Affordable Upgrades to Your Car

levin-collageSo you got some gift cards and cash as gifts for the holidays? Why not put them to good use and give your vehicle some attention. Get the oil changed, new windshield wipers and floor mats, maybe change the brake pads.

You may think that this all comes at a hefty price, right? Not so. Keeping your car in good condition doesn't have to be expensive. Here are a few ways you can make significant upgrades without spending a lot of money.

1. Floor Mats
Good floor mats provide protection for your car, no matter what ends up on the bottom of your shoes. Adding mats can also spruce up the look of your car's interior.

2. High-quality Windshield Wipers
Consider purchasing a set of winter blades, which are more durable and efficient at clearing away ice and snow. They're also useful in warmer temperatures, they're more efficient at removing water and providing streak-free visibility.

3. Ceramic Brake Pads
These cause less wear on your rotors, can withstand higher temperatures, and are less noisy than traditional brake pads.

4. Chrome Mud Guards
These are inexpensive and will protect your paint job from flying rocks and other debris.

6. Synthetic Oil
Extend your engine's life with synthetic oil. It produces little to no sludge. It also provides better viscosity at higher and lower temperatures. However, if you own a performance vehicle with a rotary engine, synthetic oil is probably not the best option for an upgrade.

7. Wheel Alignment
This procedure reduces tire wear and ensures that your vehicle travels straight and true without pulling to one side. It will not only increase the life of your tires, it's also an effective safety measure.