social-media-with-dJust when you thought you’d mastered how to post to your business’s Facebook Page to maximize your audience, Facebook changed its algorithm again last month. This could mean a further drop in Reach for Pages. After polling users about their News Feeds, it discovered they were dissatisfied with the number of posts they miss from friends, so Facebook is cleaning house a bit. The News Feed will now show posts from the friends and Pages they interact with the most, and put other posts further down in their News Feeds.

So what can you do? Continue to work towards creating content that your audience really wants to see. Interactions (or Engagement) become even more important under these rules. That means you need to create posts that your followers Like, Comment on, or Share. Posts that have the most Engagement are more likely to be shown, so put some serious thought into what you post. Boring or boilerplate posts won’t cut it. Be creative, be engaging, and inspire your followers to interact with your posts, and you shouldn’t see too much change.

I recognize that is easier said than done. If you don’t already have a social marketing plan, it’s more important than ever. If you don’t think of yourself as particularly creative on Facebook, maybe it’s time to call in some help. D. Cohn Communications creates highly targeted, engaging marketing plans and posts to help you keep the Reach you have and grow it further. Give us a call.