Albert’s Diamond Jewelers in Schererville Hosts Exclusive Le Vian Jewelry Event

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers in Schererville Hosts Exclusive Le Vian Jewelry Event
By: Dan Petreikis Last Updated: May 1, 2016

Albert's Diamond Jewelers in Schererville, Indiana was proud to present an exclusive collection of some of the world’s finest diamonds – the Le Vian collection – in a trunk show featuring some of the most unique, exclusive jewelry designs, many of which were never before seen.

Founded in 1905, in a small storefront in East Chicago, IN, Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has long been a staple of the Northwest Indiana community. After outgrowing their original location, Albert’s opened their flagship store in Schererville, with a second location in Southlake Mall in Hobart.

We spoke with Christine Martinez, marketing/social media coordinator for Albert’s.

“I love everything Albert’s does for the community,” said Martinez. “They are very generous - donating for numerous organizations, particularly multiple sclerosis. Josh Halpern (owner of Albert’s Diamond Jewelers) feels a very personal connection to that cause, since his mother has MS.”

Martinez was very excited to once again bring the Le Vian collection to Northwest Indiana with an event she estimated would bring in more than 300 people to the store.

“Le Vian is a world-famous jewelry designer, known for their chocolate diamonds. Based out of New York, they present a very exclusive, decadent option for jewelry shoppers. We have two Le Vian shows – one in the spring just before Mother’s day, and another in the fall,” said Martinez.

Like Albert’s, Le Vian is also a family-owned company. They recently won Gem of the Year 2016 for their Peach Morganite, a striking combination of Le Vian’s famous chocolate and vanilla diamonds, sharing space in a scrumptious, 18k strawberry gold setting. They also won 2015 Gem of the Year for their Blueberry Tanzanite.

“This is very exciting! Although we carry Le Vian every day, a lot of the pieces you’ll see here today aren’t normally available. Some of these items are pieces that no one has even seen yet,” said Martinez.

Martinez then expressed her gratitude to local candy company, Albanese Confectionery, for their support for the event.

“We are really thankful for Albanese Confectionery. They donate gift baskets and snacks for the charity events that we are involved in throughout the year. We buy candy from them to offer to customers who shop here in our store. In fact, we offer candy, fresh-baked cookies and refreshments to everyone who visits us here at Albert’s year-round, not just at special events. We try to make people feel very comfortable here. We want them to feel like family. It’s all about the experience - the ‘Albert’s experience.’”

Leonardo Kashi, a prominent member of the Le Vian jewelry design team who – like many great artists, prefers to go solely by his first name - was also on hand to meet with customers, and was very happy to share his thoughts and vision on the Le Vian collection.

“To me color speaks much more than white diamonds. My favorite is the Cilan necklace. The color - the depth of color between emeralds and sapphires - this is what speaks to me,” said Leonardo. “These are naturally occurring colors. Chocolate diamonds are sourced in Australia, Peach Morganite comes from Africa, etc. We select gemstones with very particular shades and quality of colors. We have coined specific names for these, describing them as flavors. You combine them, and it becomes irresistible. They bring to mind the palette, the delicious smell of these flavors and we translate them into something that you can wear every day.”

Margaret Fandrei, application programmer for Franciscan Alliance Information Services and Crown Point resident enjoyed the show.

“I love Le Vian, and I love Leonardo. His designs are just incredible,” said Margaret, who also echoed Christine’s statements.

“Albert’s is like family. I’ve shopped with Albert's for over 18 years.”

Margaret came for the show, to see the new designs and particularly loved the strawberry gold and tanzanite.

“The design is terrific. It just pops!”

Blair Bruggeman, sales associate and diamontologist at Albert’s, loves her job.

“I get to work here every day, surrounded by these beautiful pieces,” said Bruggeman. "This event is hands-down the best event that we do. Le Vian is a huge name in jewelery. They have a long history, going back over 500 years, even serving as royal jewelers during the Persian Empire.”

“Albert’s is a wonderful asset to the community,” said Jackie Johnson, elementary school teacher and Munster resident. “It’s great to have a store like this right here in the area. It’s a wonderful place to shop, with great atmosphere.“

She saw some fabulous pieces while at the Le Vian show at Albert’s

“They look like something that a princess would wear,” said Johnson.

We couldn’t agree more.

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