Albert’s Diamond Jewelers Donates to Seasons for Seniors in 2016

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: December 28, 2016

Alberts-Diamonds-Jewelers-donates-to-Seasons-for-Seniors-2016Every year, Albert’s Diamond Jewelers gives back to the community through donations and fundraisers for local charity events. Toys for Tots, school programs and food banks are among those that Albert's has helped in the past. This holiday season, they found a charity and knew it was the right one for them to help, Seasons for Seniors.

Semento’s Napoli Café, located at 1200 West St. in Valparaiso, partnered with four different senior citizen residences for their Seasons for Seniors donation program which included: Life Care Center of the Willows, Valparaiso Care and Rehabilitation, Aperion Care Valparaiso and Golden Living Center. Both organizations and their customers showed great care and selflessness by contributing necessities and comfort items that many take for granted. People may not realize that the seniors in these communities are living on fixed incomes and cannot afford items like; extra blankets to keep warm, puzzles and books to pass the time, combs and brushes, even small stuffed animals make a worlds difference to provide a sense of comfort. With everyone’s help these seniors were delivered hundreds of presents that will provide them with comfort, love, and crafts to make their quality of life significantly better. .

“This program stood out to us,” Christine Martinez of Albert’s said.

The Semento’s family was able to distribute approximately 130 comfort items, 125 personal items and 100 craft items. With more than 60% of the long-term care needs in America being for seniors 65+ this sort of help has a large impact. More than 15% of this population of seniors is living below the poverty level and many are right at poverty level. They are in large need of all types of assistance and with the donations from the Seasons for Seniors program they now have many those items taken care of.

According to Martinez, she and her staff went out shopping for the program, picking up teddy bears, puzzles, decks of cards, socks, and blankets. From necessities to comfort items, everything was bought and given to make sure everyone has what they need during the holiday season, she said.