AMA Design & Print and Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Brought Our Good Life Ideas to Life

AMA Design & Print and Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Brought Our Good Life Ideas to Life
By: Steven Neville Last Updated: July 18, 2016

The 5th Annual Good Life Awards are coming to the Blue Chip Casino on August 11, and to help spread the word to our friends and partners we needed flyers that matched the passion and excitement we have for putting on this yearly tribute to the great people and non-profits that help spread the mission of good in Northwest Indiana.

It should be no surprise then that when it came down to it, we could think of no one better than our good friends at AMA Design & Print, the team that puts everything they have into everything they do, to come up with our flyers, and Flanagin's Bulk Mail service to make sure our flyers made it into the hands of our friends and partners.

And it’s this passion and precision from both businesses that gave us one less thing to worry about during our efforts to put together the best Good Life Awards we have ever put on.

This year, we are expanding our ballroom to accommodate the rising popularity of the awards. We have added the #GoodLifePitch to assure that the non-profits that are doing the most good for the Northwest Indiana community will have their voices heard, and we are putting everything we have into assuring the GOOD is celebrated on this special evening.

Which is why we put extra special care into the crafting of these flyers this year, and made sure that the progress we are making is reflected in our marketing material.

And while the worry and wait for this year’s Good Life Awards approaches, one thing we never doubted was the ability of AMA and Flanagin's to take our digital ideas and transfer them to flyers that would be the face of our mailers sent out to our friends and our partners.

Even better? AMA and Flanagin's are local. And it feels to good when two local businesses can come together to help another local business succeed, and it feels good to know that money spent at a local business is money going right back into the community.

It’s a pay-it-forward type of feeling. It’s a doing good for your community type of feeling. It’s really, in essence, what the Good Life Awards, and the GOOD News mission, are really all about.