AMA Design & Print assists with re-branding

AMA Design & Print assists with re-branding

From business cards, marketing packages, to large murals, the sites were ready to take on the task of a full 360-degree re-branding to make their reveal perfection. 

Assisting with the printing of the re-branded materials was a big responsibility for both Sarah DeMars, Design and Editorial Assistant, and Kami Tupiak, Design and Administrative Assistant. With a little help from the team at AMA Design & Print, they were both ready for the challenge.

“AMA Design & Print eased my anxieties because my job was very important for the re-branding of the company,” said DeMars. “Any time I had a question, they would email me back immediately.”

This type of communication made it easy to funnel the final vision of the design. 

“They were very clear and communicative. Their goal was to help make our vision flourish,” said DeMars. 

“AMA Design & Print meets with their clients personally. Our relationship is strong because they are all about customer service, way after the order has been placed. They were always on top of things,” said Tupiak. 

The re-branded products satisfied both Tupiak and DeMars, who were excited to flaunt the perfected product to the rest of the team and the world beyond. 

“The re-branding was sharp, and AMA Design & Print helped us deliver the vision of how professional we are through that re-branding,” said Tupiak. “We figured that we wanted the business cards to be matte, for others to write on them, say a phone number at a business event.” 

Specific details were made to ensure the products’ versatility. 

“Our flyers were glossy to gain more attention, and we re-branded our media kits to truly show off who we are as a company,” said Tupiak. “When I picked up the product, they reassured me that everything was 100 percent--and it was 110 percent.”

AMA Design & Print in Valparaiso offers high quality print and bindery services, with full color to single color options, alongside digital printing, graphic design, and union printing. With thousands of paper options, consistent high quality, and a product that will have you excited to share with the world, there’s no doubt that AMA Print & Design can fulfill all your needs. 

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