AMA Design & Print provides personalized service to the Region

AMA Design & Print provides personalized service to the Region
By: Sarah DeMars Last Updated: November 8, 2019

If you have ever wondered where all of those campaign signs come from, standing tall or short, but always bright, in the yards of businesses and neighbors during election season, look no further than just off of U.S. Hwy. 30 in Valparaiso - where the new location for AMA Design & Print stands ready to serve the needs of small to mid-sized companies and individuals in the Region.

“The election season is really busy for us,” said Kelley Schott, owner of AMA Design & Print. “We cover everything from mailing materials, postcards, flyers - anything a candidate might need.” 

AMA Design and Print has been in the Valparaiso area since 1984. Since AMA is a smaller business itself, they strive to serve the smaller companies in the area. Schott and the rest of the staff at AMA have always enjoyed watching these smaller businesses grow and expand with professionally-designed materials. 

“We’re a small company too,” said Schott. “We understand how important it is for smaller companies to have the right materials in order to grow. It really helps.” 

About 95 percent of the businesses that work with AMA Design & Print are small local companies. The most common design materials that they deal with include booklets, manuals, business cards, flyers, brochures, labels, and mailing materials. Schott and his staff work exclusively in the Adobe Suite when creating print materials, meaning they are up to speed with high standards in the design community. AMA also uses leading-edge printing technology to ensure that the final product is sleek and ready for use. 

AMA Design & Printworks closely with the majority of the steel companies in the NWI area, making sure they are prepared for any and all business needs. 

“We’re a union printer,” Schott said. “The unions are so important to the region as a whole and so important to us. We love seeing those companies and their workers succeed.” 

Schott personally enjoys seeing the smaller companies and individuals across the region grow with professional design materials and works closely with local business advocacy organizations. 

“We see what the chamber does to help improve the city. It’s cool to see their work, and our work by default, out and working in the area,” he said.

In the end, serving the Region isn’t just a way to pass the hours, it’s a passion project, especially for Schott himself. 

“When I drive down the road and I see the names and logos of the companies that we’ve worked with around Valparaiso and the rest of the region, it makes me feel really happy and very proud. We really love our customers - and every customer who works with us is our favorite customer,” he said. 

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