AMA Design & Print’s Busy Year is Coming to a Close

KelleyA busy year is coming to a close at AMA Design & Print. For 2016 a lot of the activity at AMA has been focused on the election, local nonprofits, and local unions. AMA owner Kelley Schott took a moment to recap some of the highlights from this year and what next year has in store for AMA.

“We’re finally winding down the year here and one of the last things we do is printing the calendars that clients have ordered. We do quite a few calendars for businesses and nonprofits.”

The shift of focus to nonprofits is something Kelley enjoys doing at AMA and is pursuing actively to become more involved with.

“We’ve been trying to zero in on our nonprofits a lot more this year. It's great to help those people out when you can. A lot of them spread their printing jobs out around Valpo, but we like to be active with them as much as possible.”

A frequent customer has been the Valparaiso Boys and Girls Club. In the past, AMA has printed their newsletters, annual reports, and other items for their events.

“Boys and Girls Club has an in-house designer now, but we used to do some design for them. It’s great for them and us, because it allows us to have a quicker turnaround time for them. We can design for other clients as well. We’re a lot cheaper than going to an advertising company to produce something to print.”

A quick and efficient turnaround is key at AMA printing. AMA communicates with clients throughout the designing and printing process to keep them updated and informed. Communication between the client and AMA begins by delivering an accurate and budgetable quote.

“Whenever we’re approached for a quote, we stand by our original quote. We don’t add on fees at the end. What we tell you is what we’re charging you. The price they see in the beginning will always be the price they see in the end.“

Another area of pride for the company is that they are the only union printer in Valparaiso. AMA is also only one of two union printers in Porter County. Being a union printer allow for many opportunities to print for other local union trades.

“We all enjoy working with and interacting with the other trades like the steelworkers union and lot others. Anything we print for them, we always put on there that it says it was printed by a union shop. We like to hit home we’re using union resources to get this stuff out.”

Kelley went on to say union label is only part of what separates AMA from local printers. For his company, it all starts with the quality they are able to consistently deliver for their clients.

“It's all about our quality and our competitive prices. You have to have a good eye for quality in this industry and we pride ourselves on that here. Our turnaround time is fast and we have free delivery. We can do business cards all the way up to newsletters and big banners.”

The New Year is filling up quickly for AMA as several companies look to AMA to print their annual reports in January. If you or your company is looking to print quality and efficient products, look no further than Valpo’s own AMA Printing.