Amazing Accomplishments: Meet Joe!

Meet-JoeBecause of his disability, he was having a hard time finding work in the community. OE's JobSource team was able to connect him with a job at McDonald's, and he has been thriving there since May of 2010. The customers, staff and managers all love Joe because of his work ethic, personality and contagious smile.

Joe loves to give back and serve those around him, and has become a leader at work. When OE's JobSource team was able to recently get a second person employment at McDonald's, it was an incredible opportunity for Joe to step up and train her on his responsibilities. Joe helped to provide another adult with a disability the same opportunity that he had to find meaningful work and a way to be involved in the community. That was a very proud day for Joe.

You made this possible. Because of your support, OE has been able to connect over 350 people with life-changing employment in the last year. To find out more about OE's JobSource program and how you can help make more success stories like this possible, please visit