Amy Wentland is Finding Happiness and Success at Realty Executives Premier

By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: March 6, 2017

Amy-WentlandAfter moving to the Midwest from New Jersey at a young age, and growing up in Valparaiso, Amy Wentland recently moved back to the region again and has hit the ground running for Realty Executives Premier in Valparaiso.

In 2011, after taking a break from college, Wentland decided to begin her career in aviation by, first, interviewing with Southwest Airlines and then taking a position working for the Dallas-based commercial airline.

“It was awesome,” Wentland said of her time working for Southwest. “I really loved the culture and that’s why I chose Southwest Airlines. Their CEO and President knew that if you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your customers.”

“That’s why I like it here as well,” she said of Realty Executives Premier. “They use the same principal of leading with love.”

After being based in Baltimore and Chicago, and spending some time in Las Vegas, Wentland landed Salt Lake City where she met her husband.

“We had our son and we really had no family in Salt Lake City so I dragged my husband back here with me, and he loves it!” Wentland said.

After moving back to Northwest Indiana, Wentland wasn’t flying as much and they had really enjoyed the process of buying their home so the idea of getting into the real estate business came about.

“My husband kept saying, ‘Why don’t you try your hand at this?’” Wentland said. “Then in August, I was sick of flying, I had a family at home, and I just wanted more out of life. One thing that I’ve always wanted was to get involved in a community and I haven’t been able to do that flying because you really can’t set your feet down.”

Wentland began her real estate classes in September, finished in October, and passed her exam on the first try, which, as they’ve made the licensing exam harder, isn’t easy. After having her license a few days, Wentland, by chance, met an agent from Realty Executives, Jodi Gheaja, and the two exchanged information. At the time, Wentland was with another local realtor but wasn’t enjoying it as much as she had hoped.

“I wasn’t feeling the love and I reached out Jodi one day after thinking about it for a while,” she said. “She let Mike (Tezak) know and he reached out to me, and we met that day. I then made the decision to come over and I don’t regret it whatsoever!”

“I love it!” Wentland said of her time at Realty Executives Premier so far. “I like being in the office because there’s just a positive atmosphere and everyone’s always laughing and smiling. It’s very welcoming.”

Wentland is currently a Broker Associate on the Jon Wolf Team at Realty Executives.

“I do both buying and selling,” she said, “and it gives me a view of both sides of the business, and how I can best help our clients.”

For Wentland, there’s always a story behind why someone is moving and showing compassion and empathy is an important part of her approach to working with her clients. Having joined Realty Executives in January, she can already see some of what makes the office special.

“I can already see a difference in the way they do things here, like educating and protecting your buyers and sellers, which is paramount for me. Mike and Pam (Tezak) are always available and they’ve created such a great environment. They’ve, kind of, taken me under their wing here. Everyone is so approachable and I’ve had so many chances to listen and learn. It’s been great!”

That positive atmosphere and hard work has already translated into success for Wentland who has closed, or is in the process of closing, on several transactions in her short time with the company.