An Amazing Life at OE’s OutSource

Brandy-at-OutSourceBrandy has been part of the Opportunity Enterprises’ family since 2009. Her accomplishments ring true to the mission of OutSource Solutions, a vocational program of Opportunity Enterprises dedicated to giving men and women with disabilities the opportunity to learn skills and earn wages. Brandy has made many new friends, and has become a positive role model in OutSource.

When Brandy started at OE, she had difficulty expressing herself or asking for help. For several months, she was disinterested in her work and struggled to stay focused on the task at hand. Relaxation and calming techniques from staff helped Brandy tremendously and, with time, she began to manage her emotions. Brandy confided in a staff member at OutSource who connected with her in a way no one else had.

Lillian Meisberger is a Direct Support Professional at Outsource, and has been with OE for four years.

“Brandy has come a long way and has learned so much. She’s much more engaged in her work and has become more focused. I worked with her individually for three years, and our bond is indescribable. She has been exceeding her goals and I am very proud of the progress she’s made,” said Meisberger.

Brandy works hard at her job in OutSource and receives a paycheck for the work she completes. She is progressing into jobs and opportunities quickly, and has become aware of her ability to reach for new goals.

OutSource provides local businesses with top-quality manufacturing and subcontracting services for packaging and custom assembly at competitive prices while giving clients like Brandy the chance to thrive at work.

“OutSource gives the men and women we serve, the chance to work on tasks and learn how to interact with others. The most popular job is packing marathon runner bags because of the high energy and engagement between all of our clients. It’s new and exciting, and allows a chance for our amazing clients to work together to complete a large task,” said LaTosha Knight, Director of OutSource.

For the first time since working at OE, Brandy participated in the March pack-a-thon, packing runner bags for the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. She had the chance to work with peers she normally doesn’t work with, and was excited to make new friends.

When she’s not at OutSource, Brandy enjoys dinners and recreational activities with her housemates at her group home. She can tell you herself how much she loves her friends at OE, and how much she cares about her staff.

To learn more about OE’s amazing clients, schedule a tour to visit OutSource and other programs at OE’s main facility, located at 2801 Evans Ave. Tour inquiries can be directed to Donor Relations Coordinator, Kacie Ensign at or 219-464-9621 ext. 244.