An Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille Employee Spotlight: Jacob Doxtater

An Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille Employee Spotlight: Jacob Doxtater

Valparaiso’s Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille connects the story of America’s inspirational history with bold, unique cuisine all under a brick and mortar building that pays tribute to America’s innovative spirit. This unique “upscale industrial” environment is brought to life by an incredible staff that works tirelessly to provide guests with the best experience possible. Among this dedicated crew is line cook Jacob Doxtater, who came to Industrial Revolution in 2018 after he heard from some friends that they were hiring. It was news that came at just the right time.

“I was looking to move on from where I was working at the time when I heard about the opening,” Doxtater said. “I was on the hunt for a steady job and this position happened to open up exactly when I needed it. So, I applied and now I’ve got two years under my belt here!”

With prior restaurant experience and a knack for cooking he developed in his home kitchen, Doxtater was a perfect fit for the Industrial Revolution team. He started on dish duty, worked his way up to food prep, and then began his current role as line cook.

“If you keep your eyes open there are always opportunities to try something new and move up here,” Doxtater said. “If someone in a different position ever called off, I learned to step up and volunteer to learn that role. You can always try out new skills here, and that’s how I’ve moved up over the years.”

Industrial Revolution has an open kitchen concept that allows for increased customer interaction, one of Doxtater’s favorite aspects of the job.

“I like putting smiles on customers’ faces. Having an open kitchen, we can see if they like their meal even as it’s being prepped,” Doxtater said. “Then when it hits the table we can tell when they are satisfied, and there’s a huge sense of accomplishment that comes with that.”

Doxtater enjoys creating everything on the menu for guests but has his share of favorite dishes as well.

“I love cooking pot roast and anything that involves sautéing, but you really can’t go wrong with any of our menu options,” Doxtater said.

During his two years with Industrial Revolution, Doxtater has found that only one thing outshines the incredible menu selection: the strong, family-oriented team atmosphere.

“We are absolutely like a family here. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed, and we know we all have each other’s backs,” Doxtater said. “We’re really like one cohesive unit in that respect.”

For Doxtater, this team mentality came to life in the form of fellow team member Murray Williams, who took him under his wing and showed him the ropes throughout his growth and development at Industrial Revolution.

“Since I’ve been here, Murray has been my main trainer and mentor,” Doxtater said. “He’s been a really great teacher and friend, and I’ve been lucky to train under him and get to know him over the last two years.”

“I love the owners here too. They take great care of their employees,” Doxtater added. “I also love the fact that they give a discount to veterans. Everyone here just generally treats people very well.”

When he’s not serving up smiles, Doxtater enjoys hiking and being outdoors.

“I love hiking locally at Sunset Hill and Rogers-Lakewood park,” Doxtater said. “The scenery is great there and I like the fresh air.”

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