An Industrial Revolution Employee Spotlight: Staci Herrmann

An Industrial Revolution Employee Spotlight: Staci Herrmann

In the restaurant business, quality servers are incredibly important. As one of the first faces a guest will see, it’s important to have the right people at the front of the house and providing outstanding service that anticipates a guest’s needs.

At Industrial Revolution, Staci Herrmann is just one of their quality servers. Celebrating two and a half years with Industrial Revolution, she’s proud to work in such a unique and flexible environment. Spending most of her time serving, she loves the busy nature of the job and enjoys working with a variety of different guests each shift.

“I absolutely love it here,” Herrmann said. “It’s like a big family, it’s flexible so that I can take time off when I need to be with my family and take care of my kids.”

One of the highlights for Herrmann is the small staff and her ability to get to know her coworkers. Working as a team is, after all, one of the best ways to ensure excellent service in the restaurant business. That excellent service leads to happy guests and many return visits.

“We all know how to work together as a team,” Herrmann explained. “Everybody has been here for a longer amount of time. You get to learn how they work, work as a team, and we care about them as individuals.”

Herrmann is constantly reminded of her love of Industrial Revolution. From the atmosphere to the management, her attitude each day reflects her pride in the business she works for. While management takes the time to listen to each and every concern, the atmosphere keeps the customers engaged and interested as they sit down for a meal.

“The history aspect, people love it, and the train,” Herrmann said. “The food is amazing, the cooks are awesome. They take pride in their work. Everything is made from scratch and you can totally tell. When I bring food to the table, it’s something that we’re proud of.”

Outside of work, Herrmann spends time with her family. With a husband and four daughters who range in age from six to 26, she stays busy whether she’s in the restaurant or her own home. But, the flexibility that allows her to put family first is one of the major draws for her of Industrial Revolution.

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