Anna Peterson Loves the Atmosphere, Clientele at Kelsey’s Steakhouse

Anna Peterson Loves the Atmosphere, Clientele at Kelsey’s Steakhouse
By: Nicole Batzek Last Updated: April 12, 2017

Anna Peterson, the event coordinating manager for Kelsey’s Steakhouse, is a Michigan native who moved to Northwest Indiana with her family when she was a teenager. Anna started working at Kelsey’s Steakhouse about 10 years ago where she started out as a server.

“I served up until last June, which is when I took over the management position as the event coordinator,” stated Peterson.

As the event coordinator, Anna is in charge of reservations and seating in the restaurant, in-house events, and catering events at different locations outside of the restaurant.

“I basically run the host area. I handle all the reservations and all the seating of the guests. In addition, I plan all the banquet parties, bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and outside catering events,” she explained.

Anna enjoys working at Kelsey’s because she gets to interact with a handful of different customers and build relationships with them.

“There are so many people that have been coming here for years that continue to come in and eat. I am able to build really cool relationships with a lot of different people," said Peterson. "You’ve got some regular customers that are more laid back and so sweet, and then you’ve got others that are wild, crazy, and fun. The relationship with the customers is what makes my job so fun.”

The friendly and family-like atmosphere of the staff is also one of Anna’s favorite parts about working at Kelsey’s Steakhouse.

“We are all like brothers and sisters. We all celebrate birthdays and special events together," she said. "They are like a second family to me.”

One thing Anna would like to do in the near future as the event coordinator at Kelsey’s is to get more outside catering events planned.

“My goal is to try and get more clientele with larger parties that need catering. I want more people to know what we have to offer and that we can handle large catering needs,” said Anna.

Some of the outside catering events that Kelsey’s Steakhouse has served include the Popcorn Festival events and numerous company picnics.

Out of all the delicious dishes Kelsey’s has to offer both inside their restaurant and through catering, Anna is a big fan of the ribs.

Anna has not always lived in Northwest Indiana, but what keeps her in this area are the Dunes and the close proximity to big cities.

“I grew up around the beach in western Michigan, so I like the fact that I am still near a beach here in Northwest Indiana. I love being close to Chicago because I like the hustle and bustle of that atmosphere.”

Outside of working, Anna enjoys spending time with her family and exploring at the Dunes.

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting an event at Kelsey’s Steakhouse, or need an event catered, you can call the restaurant and ask for Anna Peterson at 219-465-4022.