Anne Corder is October Ambassador of 2016

Anne-CorderAnne Corder, a 13-year Intensive Care Unit nurse, is Franciscan Health Michigan City’s October Ambassador of the Month.

The award has been presented by the hospital’s Social and Recognition Committee since 1988 and recognizes employees who exhibit the mission and values of Franciscan Health, which include compassion for those in need, respect for life and the dignity of mankind, wellness and prevention of illness, restoration to health and acceptance of death as the final step toward wholeness. Recipients also have demonstrated courtesy, the proper attitude and enthusiasm for their work.

Corder, who resides in Westville with her husband, Randy (they have two grown sons who also are nurses), was nominated for the award by a fellow employee, who said, “Anne has a strong sense of compassion for those in need and provides great care and skill for her patients.”

Asked how she felt about receiving the honor, Corder said she was delighted and overjoyed.

“I am truly dedicated to the Franciscan Values. I love walking into the ICU and saying good morning to all my beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, dedicated coworkers and physicians. Teamwork, trust and true leadership define the Intensive Care Unit.”

Her hobbies include baking, watching old movies and reading.

In recognition of the honor, Corder, as are all Ambassador recipients, was honored with a special billboard display for the month, a privileged parking spot, an Ambassador badge holder, a photo on the Ambassador of the Month wall that displays the previous 12 months’ winners, and $150.