Another Successful CTE Graduate

Erica-GertsmeierWhile getting my routine dental checkup, I was pleased to meet Erica Gertsmeier, who works as a dental hygienist in Dr Nondorf’s Valparaiso Dental practice. Erica is a 2006 Washington Twp graduate and a former student in our CTE Early Childhood Education class at SELF School. She was also a Technical Honor Society inductee in 2006 and a graduate of our Dental Occupations class at Portage High School taught by Mrs. Rhonda Doane.

Mrs. Doane’s class is where Erica discovered her passion for the dental health profession. Erica knew what she wanted to do when she left high school and used her determination to get her pre-requisites out of the way at IU Bloomington, and then she returned to IUN for completion of her dental hygiene license.

Ironically, Erica has always been a patient of Dr. Nondorf and even did her high school dental clinical assignment with Dr. Nondorf before returning from college 3 years ago and starting to work in his office. Erica is a great example of the success our Career Education students achieve.

Other good news from Erica includes that she and her fiancée have marriage plans for this November. Congratulations Erica, you are a CTE Star!