Anytime Fitness Valpo Encourages New Year New You Habits, Now Offering FREE Bootcamp to Members

Anytime Fitness Valpo Encourages New Year New You Habits, Now Offering FREE Bootcamp to Members
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: January 16, 2019

New year, new you. Sound familiar? We all say it, but sometimes fail to follow through. Enter Anytime Fitness, a place where new habits are built every hour of every day.

This year, Anytime Fitness is adding a new feature to help members build healthy new-year-new-you habits! New trainer, Jessie Casas, is now offering FREE boot-camp training 5 - 5:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The boot camp entails 30 minutes of straight workouts with breaks, shifting between cardio and weight work.

“It’s a quick boot camp that will really hit every aspect of a full workout. It’s also nice and early in the morning,” Felicia Stearns, Manager at any time explained. “You can go to work and not worry about going to the gym afterward--oh, and it’s free!”

By utilizing these classes,members can save the time they would spend creating a workout plan, and walk right into a fully organized and thoughtful workout. Additionally, trainers are there to protect your health and ensure every move you are making is correct.

“Going to the gym is not just for physical health, but also mental health; It’s a lifestyle change. Working out gives you a better perspective on life,” Stearns said. “It’s a routine-- a great stress and anxiety reliever.”

If you aren’t a member, signing up is easy, affordable, and worth it. To become an Anytime Fitness member, click here, or you can sign up in person.

“All you need to do is come in or apply online. There are no scheduling appointments needed,” Stearns said. “We will discuss prices, and give a tour to see if the facility is meant for you.”

Anytime Fitness also offers a 7-day trial. To read through personal testimonies from Anytime Fitness members, click here.

Now is the time to create new habits and follow through with them confidently. Anytime Fitness is here to guide and train you to make that happen. learn more about their facilities, visit their website here. Don’t wait-- it’s time to start the year off right!