April is National Credit Union Youth Month

April is National Credit Union Youth Month

Help Kids Get Money-Savvy

If you have been wondering how to empower your kids to save for their future, National Credit Union Youth Month is a great opportunity to start! Join us this April as credit unions across the country encourage youth to start saving regularly.

National Credit Union Youth Month serves to encourage kids to develop healthy savings habits. This year’s theme is “Save Small. Dream Big.” Tech Credit Union has tools to help fulfill these dreams.

One of the most important life skills you can teach your children is how to manage their own money. The sooner children begin financial education, the greater the likelihood they'll avoid the mistakes many adults make today. Here are some simple ways to start teaching your kids the value of money:

  • Open a savings account in your child's name. Kids as young as five years old can begin to understand the idea of saving. It doesn't matter how much money is deposited—what matters is creating a regular savings habit.
  • Set goals with your kids. Having a reason to save makes kids want to save. For many kids, watching their money grow is a reward in itself. Consider using an allowance to help teach your child how to manage money wisely.
  • Consider your child's age and find appropriate ways to communicate. While it's important to start early, make sure activities or discussions are age appropriate. Younger children learn through books, online activities and simple saving, while older children can create budgets and manage allowances.
  • Show kids your money values through your actions. If your money management habits are less than perfect, use this as an opportunity to educate yourself about financial matters, and then share what you learn with your kids.

Help us celebrate our youngest members throughout the month of April! The earlier your young savers start saving, the more it will grow and the easier it will be to achieve their dreams. Learning this financial
habit at a young age will set them up on the path of successful financial well-being!